Information flows for Murray-Darling Basin catchment resources

6 Jun 2017

A detailed insight into the water resources of six key NSW Murray-Darling Basin catchments is now available, thanks to a series of water accounting reports released today.

The reports, compiled by the NSW Department of Primary Industries Water, paint a picture of the regulated river water sources within the Border Rivers, Lachlan and Belubula, Lower Darling, Namoi, NSW Murray and Peel catchments.

DPI Water Acting Director Water Information and Insights, Ms Danielle Baker, said the information is useful for a broad audience, from the general public, to water brokers, universities and individual licence holders.

“The reports present a great analysis of the respective catchments, covering topics such as water availability and use, to long-term trends and climatic conditions,” she said.

“They’re a one-stop-shop or point of truth for information on a range of commonly requested water information products.”

Ms Baker said water accounting is an evolving long-term project for DPI Water, this year introducing new information metrics that allow for greater insight.

“We’ve tackled the more complex questions with analysis on water market activity and pricing, long-term reliability, plus the operational and behavioural characteristics of each source,” she said.

For each catchment, holistic information is provided for the current financial year, incorporating a complete physical water balance of the source.

Produced under the Australian Water Accounting Standard 1, the reports demonstrate the NSW Government’s commitment to more consistent and standardised public reporting for the state’s water resources.

A further three reports focusing on the Murrumbidgee, Macquarie and Gwydir catchments will be released by DPI Water in the coming weeks – completing analysis for all regulated catchments in the NSW Murray-Darling Basin.

Further information and a copy of each report can be found at

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