Public invited to comment on Draft Floodplain Harvesting Monitoring Policy

16 Mar 2017

Floodplain landholders and the general community are being invited to comment on a draft Floodplain Harvesting Monitoring Policy, DPI Water’s Group Director Water Regulation, Frank Garofalow, announced today.

“The harvesting of floodplain water is an important aspect for many rural landholders in the viability and operation of their farming activities,” said Mr Garofalow.

“In order to support the accessibility of floodplain water into future, as well as reliability of water supply for downstream users and protection of the environment, access and monitoring of floodplain water extraction is critical.

“The draft Policy supports the current legitimate access to floodplain harvesting to protect industry security into the future and is easy for floodplain harvesters to implement to minimise regulatory burden”.

“The Policy is also designed to minimise the costs of measuring, recording and reporting floodplain harvesting”.

Mr Garofalow said that under the Water Management Act 2000, water extraction, including floodplain harvesting, must be taken under an appropriate water access licence, a basic landholder right or a licence exemption.

“The monitoring requirement for floodplain water will apply to those landholders who are eligible to receive a floodplain harvesting access licence under the Floodplain Harvesting Policy and will form part of their respective license the conditions.

“I would urge all interested people, especially floodplain landholders, to review the draft Floodplain Harvesting Monitoring Policy and make comment to ensure that the final Policy deals with local issues in a practical way,” Mr Garofalow said.

The Draft Floodplain Harvesting Monitoring Policy, together with details on how to make a submission is available on the Floodplain harvesting page.

The Draft Floodplain Harvesting Monitoring Policy is on exhibition from 16 March to 12 April 2017.

All submissions will be considered in finalising the Floodplain Harvesting Monitoring Policy.

Media contact: James Muddle – 0407 103 507