Research and development

DPI is committed to growing the NSW economy through the state's primary industries.

We understand the value of innovation, sustainable resource use and risk mitigation. We have more than 1,000 active research and development projects underway which will return up to ten times the value of the $100 million we have invested in them.

As world leaders in food and fibre innovation, we are ranked in the top 1% of research organisations around the globe and we work closely and collaboratively with industry, and public and private organisations.

Research staff and facilities

Our research centres are in key locations across NSW, which aids us in addressing a range of production systems as part of our research.

DPI Laboratory Services provide quality assured laboratory testing services in the fields of veterinary pathology, analytical chemistry and plant health.

Significant natural resources are housed in scientific collections across NSW. They contain physical specimens and historical records relating to plant genotypes, fish, insects, mites, fungi, virus and bacteria.