Tamworth Agricultural Institute

The Tamworth Agricultural Institute (TAI) is the Department's principal research institute for the cropping zone of northern inland NSW. It is a Centre of Excellence for Northern Farming Systems and is dedicated to helping ensure agricultural industries and rural communities remain economically viable and ecologically sustainable.

TAI is located 10 km south-east of the city of Tamworth at 4 Marsden Park Road. A second irrigated site, the Liverpool Plains Field Station (LPFS), is located approximately 8 km north-west of the village of Breeza at 2242 Pullaming Road.

TAI is 332.6 ha in area and consists of two portions of land, one of 189.6 ha on the western side of Marsden Park Road and one of 142.9 ha on the eastern side of Marsden Park Road.

LPFS has a land area of 80.83 ha. Approximately 63 ha is developed for furrow irrigation with a licence for 110 megalitres available for irrigation research.

The land at TAI, together with the land at LPFS, provide a secure facility for both dryland and irrigated research for the agricultural industries of inland northern NSW. This is complemented by a management practice designed to provide an environment suitable for research, together with the building facilities needed to support this research.

Industry-driven research projects are complemented by advisory, compliance and education activities that ensure effective communication with the farming community, agribusiness and the general community.


Aerial view of Tamworth Agricultural Institute

Aerial view of Tamworth Agricultural Institute


Facts and figures


Total staff: 125

Professional staff

In Research: 24
In Extension: 17


Workshops & field days: 73
Journal publications: 25
Extension publications: 38


Universities: 6
Interstate agencies: 13
International: 9

Other statistics

Land area TAI: 332 ha
Land area LPFS Breeza: 80 ha (irrigated)
Postgraduate students: 10
Overseas projects: 7
Labs with NATA or ISO certification: 8

Last updated March 2008/09