Glen Innes Agricultural Research and Advisory Station

The Glen Innes Agricultural Research & Advisory Station (GIARAS) is the research and development base for the Northern Tablelands of New South Wales run by the NSW Department of Industry & Investment (I&I NSW).

Grazing provides the mainstay agricultural activity on the Northern Tablelands. Because of high rainfall, long growing season and the adaptive potential of temperate perennial species, the Northern Tablelands is credited as the premier pasture environment in Australia for intensive grazing systems.

As I&I NSW’s base for the high rainfall zone in northern NSW, the Station provides research and advisory programs for eastern Australia’s sheep and cattle industry based on temperate perennial pastures.

Research and advisory work at the Station is directed at improving the pasture base for grazing animals, and at developing industry capability to produce livestock products to commercial specifications through:

  • building the knowledge base for pasture improvement technology
  • managing feed-gaps to redress nutritional limitations
  • matching livestock genetics to feed and management applications, and,  
  • developing technology packages for 'best management practice'. 


Glen Innes Administration Building - Erected 1911

Facts and figures


Total staff: 14

Professional staff

In Research: 2 
In Extension: 4


Workshops/Field Days: 138
Publications: 28  

Other statistics

Land Area: 580 ha
Postgraduate students: 1

Last updated March 2011