Science and research staff

NSW DPI employs more than 900 staff across 27 research areas. Scientific research is the key driver of innovation and improved resource management in the primary industries sector.

Below is a list of our science and research staff. You can refine your search by Category:

AKBAR, SaudWater
ALEMSEGED, YohannesAgriculture
ANDREWS, ToddAgriculture
ANWAR, MuhuddinAgriculture
ARTHUR, PaulAgriculture
ASTLES, KarenFisheries
AYTON, JamieAgriculture
BADGERY, WarwickAgriculture
BAILEY, GrahamBiosecurity and Food Safety
BAKER, GaryAgriculture
BALLARD, GuyBiosecurity and Food Safety
BARCHIA, IdrisFisheries
BEANGE, LukeAgriculture
BECKER, AlistairFisheries
BENGSEN, AndrewBiosecurity and Food Safety
BIRD-GARDINER, TracieAgriculture
BOND, JudeAgriculture
BOOTH, MarkFisheries
BOSCHMA, SuzanneAgriculture
BOWMAN, AlisonAgriculture
BOYS, CraigFisheries
BRILL, RohanAgriculture
BROADFOOT, KimAgriculture
BROCK, PipAgriculture
BUNKER, ErikaAgriculture
BUTCHER, PaulFisheries
BUTLER, GavinFisheries
CAFE, LindaAgriculture
CARNEGIE, AngusBiosecurity and Food Safety
CASHEN, MichaelAgriculture
CHAMBERS, GrantAgriculture
CHAPMAN, ToniBiosecurity and Food Safety
CHARLES, GrahamBiosecurity and Food Safety
CHARLES, GrahamBiosecurity and Food Safety
CHEN, YizhouAgriculture
CHICK, RowanFisheries
CLAYTON, EdAgriculture
COLEMAN, DanielFisheries
COLEMAN, MelindaFisheries
COLLINS, AlisonBiosecurity and Food Safety
COLLINS, DamianEconomics and biometrics
CONYERS, MarkAgriculture
COOK, TonyAgriculture
COOMBES, NeilFisheries
COWIE, AnnetteAgriculture
COX, JustineAgriculture
COX, TarnyaBiosecurity and Food Safety
CREESE, BobFisheries
CUDDY, WillAgriculture
DARBYSHIRE, RebeccaAgriculture
DEUTSCHER, Ania Economics and biometrics
DOBOS, RobinAgriculture
DOMINIAK, BernieBiosecurity and Food Safety
DONOGHUE, KathAgriculture
DOUGHERTY, WarwickAgriculture
DOVE, MichaelFisheries
DUNCAN, MeaghanFisheries
DUNN, BrianAgriculture
DUNN, MathewAgriculture
EMEBIRI, LivinusAgriculture
FIELDER, StewartFisheries
FINLAISON, DeborahBiosecurity and Food Safety
FITZGERALD, MichaelAgriculture
FLEMING, PeterBiosecurity and Food Safety
FORSYTH, Dave Biosecurity and Food Safety
FOWLER, StephanieAgriculture
GABOR, MelindaAgriculture
GAYNOR, LukeAgriculture
GESTIER, SarahBiosecurity and Food Safety
GILLIGAN, DeanFisheries
GLASBY, TimFisheries
GOLDING, JohnAgriculture
GOOLD, Hugh Fisheries
GOPURENKO, DavidBiosecurity and Food Safety
GRAHAM, Neroli Agriculture
GREENWOOD, PaulAgriculture
GU, XingnianBiosecurity and Food Safety
HAILSTONES, DeborahBiosecurity and Food Safety
HALL, KarinaFisheries
HARASTI, DavidFisheries
HARDEN, StevenEconomics and biometrics
HARRIS, AnneFisheries
HARRIS, CarolAgriculture
HARRIS, Felicity Agriculture
HATCHER, SueAgriculture
HAWKES, RoyleAgriculture
HAYES, RichardAgriculture
HERD, RobertAgriculture
HERRON, GrantAgriculture
HETHERINGTON, ShaneBiosecurity and Food Safety
HIRST, PhillipAgriculture
HOLLOWAY, JoanneBiosecurity and Food Safety
HOLMAN, Benjamin Agriculture
HOLZAPFEL, BrunoAgriculture
HOPKINS, DavidAgriculture
HOSSAIN, Mustafa Kamal Agriculture
HUGHES, JulianFisheries
HUIQUAN, Bi Agriculture
HUME, IainAgriculture
HUWER, RuthBiosecurity and Food Safety
JACKSON, StephenAgriculture
JENKINS, AbigailAgriculture
JENKINS, CherylBiosecurity and Food Safety
JIA, YanAgriculture
JORDAN, DavidBiosecurity and Food Safety
KATHURIA, AmritEconomics and biometrics
KEEN, BradAgriculture
KELLY, GeorginaAgriculture
KHAIRO, SalahadinEconomics and biometrics
KIMBER, StephenWater
KIRKBY, KarenBiosecurity and Food Safety
KIRKLAND, PeterAgriculture
KNOTT, NathanFisheries
KOETZ, Eric Agriculture
LANE, ChrisBiosecurity and Food Safety
LAW, BradleyAgriculture
LEE, EffieBiosecurity and Food Safety
LEVOT, GarryBiosecurity and Food Safety
LI, GuangdiAgriculture
LINDBECK, KurtBiosecurity and Food Safety
LIU, De LiAgriculture
LOWRY, MichaelFisheries
LUCKETT, DavidAgriculture
LUO, Jixun Agriculture
LYONS, NicolasAgriculture
MACCALLUM, RichardAgriculture
MAJZOOBI, MahsaAgriculture
MALCOLM, HamishFisheries
MARSH, IanBiosecurity and Food Safety
MARSHALL, Kate Biosecurity and Food Safety
McCLINTOCK, Anthea Economics and biometrics
MCCONNACHIE, Andrew Biosecurity and Food Safety
McCORKELL, BruceEconomics and biometrics
McDOUGALL, SandraAgriculture
McGOWEN, IanAgriculture
MCINTOSH, ShaneAgriculture
MCMASTER, Colin Agriculture
McMULLEN, GuyAgriculture
McPHEE, MalcolmAgriculture
MEEK, PaulBiosecurity and Food Safety
MELVILLE, GavinEconomics and biometrics
MENSAH, RobertAgriculture
MENZ, IanAgriculture
MEYER, RichardAgriculture
MILGATE, AndrewBiosecurity and Food Safety
MO, JianhuaBiosecurity and Food Safety
MOORE, KevinBiosecurity and Food Safety
MORRIS, StephenEconomics and biometrics
MORTIMER, SueAgriculture
MUIRHEAD, Lynette Agriculture
MURPHY, SeanWater
MURRAY, Alex Agriculture
NACHIMUTHU, GunasekharAgriculture
NAPIER, TonyWater
NICHOLAS, AdrianAgriculture
NORDBLOM, TomEconomics and biometrics
NORTH, SamAgriculture
NORTON, MarkAgriculture
O'CONNOR, WayneFisheries
O'ROURKE, BrendonEconomics and biometrics
OLESEN, TrevorAgriculture
ORCHARD, BeverleyFisheries
OVENDEN, Ben Agriculture
PARKS, SophieAgriculture
Patricia Okeeffe Agriculture
PEAM, HelenBiosecurity and Food Safety
PEDDEMORS, VicFisheries
PILKINGTON, LeighBiosecurity and Food Safety
PILTZ, JohnAgriculture
POWELL, JanineEconomics and biometrics
PRESTON, AaronAgriculture
PRIEST, MichaelAgriculture
RAMAN, HarshAgriculture
RAMAN, RosyAgriculture
READ, AndrewBiosecurity and Food Safety
REECE, RodneyAgriculture
REFSHAUGE GordonAgriculture
REGAN, PeterWater
REYNOLDS, OliviaBiosecurity and Food Safety
RICHARDS, MarkAgriculture
ROBINSON, DorothyEconomics and biometrics
ROGIERS, SuzyAgriculture
RUST, JoshAgriculture
SALES, NarelleBiosecurity and Food Safety
SAUNDERS, GlenBiosecurity and Food Safety
SAWYERS, Emma Agriculture
SCHWENKE, GraemeAgriculture
SEAGO, AinsleyAgriculture
SHARP, TrudyBiosecurity and Food Safety
SIMMONS, AaronAgriculture
SIMPFENDORFER, StevenBiosecurity and Food Safety
SIMPSON, MarjaAgriculture
SINCLAIR, KatrinaAgriculture
SINGH, BhupinderpalAgriculture
SINGH, RajinderEconomics and biometrics
SISSONS, MikeAgriculture
SMITH, JohnAgriculture
SMOOTHEY, AmyFisheries
SNELL, PeterAgriculture
SPIERS, ZoeFisheries
SPOHR, LorraineEconomics and biometrics
SRIVASTAVA, MukeshEconomics and biometrics
STAPLES, PatrickAgriculture
STEVENS, GregEconomics and biometrics
STEVENS, MarkAgriculture
STEWART, JohnFisheries
STOCKS, JeromFisheries
STONE, ChristineBiosecurity and Food Safety
SUAREZ, MatiasAgriculture
TALBOT, MarkAgriculture
TAN, Mui-KengAgriculture
TAVAKKOLI, EhsanAgriculture
TAYLOR, MattFisheries
THIEM, JasonFisheries
THOMPSON, AndrewEconomics and biometrics
TOOHEY, EdwinaAgriculture
TRACEY, JohnBiosecurity and Food Safety
TROLDAHL, David Agriculture
TURTON, KulanAgriculture
UPPAL, RajneetAgriculture
VAN DE VEN, RemyEconomics and biometrics
VAN LEUR, JoopAgriculture
VAN ZWIETEN, LukasAgriculture
VANCOV, TonyWater
WALMSLEY, BradAgriculture
WALSH, ChrisFisheries
WANG, BinAgriculture
WARD, RachelleAgriculture
WATERS, CathleenAgriculture
WATSON, AndrewBiosecurity and Food Safety
WEAVER, TimAgriculture
WEBB, AshleyAgriculture
WECKERT, MelanieAgriculture
WEST, PeterBiosecurity and Food Safety
WHATMUFF, MarkAgriculture
WILKINS, JohnAgriculture
WOOD, JennyAgriculture
WU, HanwenBiosecurity and Food Safety
XIMENES, FabianoAgriculture