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NSW DPI employs more than 900 staff across 27 research areas. Scientific research is the key driver of innovation and improved resource management in the primary industries sector.

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ALEMSEGED, YohannesAgricultureTrangie
ANDREWS, ToddAgriculture
ANWAR, MuhuddinAgricultureWagga Wagga
ARTHUR, PaulAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
ASTLES, KarenFisheriesCronulla
AYTON, JamieAgricultureWagga Wagga
BADGERY, WarwickAgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
BAILEY, GrahamBiosecurity and Food SafetyOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
BAKER, GaryAgricultureWollongbar
BALLARD, GuyBiosecurity and Food SafetyArmidale (DO)
BEANGE, LukeAgricultureDubbo
BECKER, AlistairFisheries
BENGSEN, AndrewBiosecurity and Food Safety
BIRD-GARDINER, TracieAgricultureTrangie
BOGEMA, DanielBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
BOND, JudeAgricultureArmidale (BIC)
BOOTH, MarkFisheriesPort Stephens
BOSCHMA, SuzanneAgricultureTamworth
BOWMAN, AlisonAgricultureOrange (head office)
BOYS, CraigFisheriesPort Stephens
BRILL, RohanAgricultureWagga Wagga
BROADFOOT, KimAgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
BUNKER, ErikaAgriculture
BUTCHER, PaulFisheriesCoffs Harbour
BUTLER, GavinFisheriesGrafton
CAFE, LindaAgriculture
CARNEGIE, AngusBiosecurity and Food SafetyWest Pennant Hills
CASHEN, MichaelAgricultureWagga Wagga
CHAMBERS, GrantAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
CHAPMAN, ToniBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
CHARLES, GrahamBiosecurity and Food Safety
CHARLES, GrahamBiosecurity and Food SafetyNarrabri
CHEN, YizhouAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
CHICK, RowanFisheries
CLAYTON, EdAgricultureWagga Wagga
COLEMAN, DanielFisheries
COLEMAN, MelindaFisheries
COLLINS, AlisonBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
COLLINS, DamianEconomics and biometricsEMAI (Menangle)
CONYERS, MarkAgriculture
COOK, TonyAgricultureTamworth
COOMBES, NeilFisheriesWagga Wagga
COWIE, AnnetteAgricultureArmidale (BIC)
COX, JustineAgricultureAlstonville (NSW CTH)
COX, TarnyaBiosecurity and Food SafetyOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
CREESE, BobFisheriesPort Stephens
CUDDY, WillBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
DARBYSHIRE, RebeccaAgricultureWagga Wagga
DEUTSCHER, Ania Economics and biometricsEMAI (Menangle)
DOBOS, RobinAgricultureArmidale (BIC)
DOMINIAK, BernieBiosecurity and Food Safety
DONOGHUE, KathAgricultureTrangie
DOUGHERTY, WarwickAgricultureRichmond
DOVE, MichaelFisheriesPort Stephens
DUNCAN, MeaghanFisheriesNaranderra
DUNN, BrianAgricultureYanco
DUNN, MathewAgricultureYanco
EMEBIRI, LivinusAgriculture
FIELDER, StewartFisheriesPort Stephens
FINLAISON, DeborahBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
FITZGERALD, MichaelAgriculture
FLEMING, PeterBiosecurity and Food SafetyOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
FORSYTH, Dave Biosecurity and Food Safety
FOWLER, StephanieAgricultureCowra
GABOR, MelindaAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
GAYNOR, LukeAgricultureWagga Wagga
GESTIER, SarahBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
GILLIGAN, DeanFisheriesBatemans Bay
GLASBY, TimFisheriesPort Stephens
GOLDING, JohnAgricultureGosford
GOOLD, Hugh Agriculture
GOPURENKO, DavidBiosecurity and Food SafetyWagga Wagga
GRAHAM, Neroli AgricultureTamworth
GREENWOOD, PaulAgriculture
GU, XingnianBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
HAILSTONES, DeborahAgriculture
HALL, KarinaFisheriesCoffs Harbour
HAMMOND, JeffreyBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
HARASTI, DavidFisheriesPort Stephens
HARDEN, StevenEconomics and biometricsTamworth
HARRIS, AnneFisheriesGosford
HARRIS, CarolAgriculture
HARRIS, Felicity AgricultureWagga Wagga
HATCHER, SueAgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
HAWKES, RoyleAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
HAYES, RichardAgricultureWagga Wagga
HERD, RobertAgriculture
HERRON, GrantAgriculture
HETHERINGTON, ShaneAgricultureOrange (head office)
HIRST, PhillipAgriculture
HOLLOWAY, JoanneAgricultureWagga Wagga
HOLMAN, Benjamin AgricultureCowra
HOLZAPFEL, BrunoAgricultureWagga Wagga
HOPKINS, DavidAgriculture
HOSSAIN, Mustafa Kamal Agriculture
HUGHES, JulianFisheries
HUIQUAN, Bi AgricultureWest Pennant Hills
HUME, IainAgricultureWagga Wagga
HUWER, RuthBiosecurity and Food SafetyAlstonville (NSW CTH)
JACKSON, StephenAgricultureOrange (head office)
JENKINS, AbigailAgriculture
JENKINS, CherylBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
JIA, YanAgriculture
JORDAN, DavidBiosecurity and Food Safety
KATHURIA, AmritEconomics and biometricsWest Pennant Hills
KEEN, BradAgriculture
KELLY, GeorginaAgricultureWest Pennant Hills
KHAIRO, SalahadinEconomics and biometricsTrangie
KIMBER, StephenWater
KIRKBY, KarenBiosecurity and Food SafetyNarrabri
KIRKLAND, PeterAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
KNOTT, NathanFisheries
KOETZ, Eric AgricultureWagga Wagga
LANE, ChrisBiosecurity and Food SafetyOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
LAW, BradleyAgricultureWest Pennant Hills
LEE, EffieBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
LEVOT, GarryBiosecurity and Food Safety
LI, GuangdiAgricultureWagga Wagga
LINDBECK, KurtAgricultureWagga Wagga
LIU, De LiAgricultureWagga Wagga
LOWRY, MichaelFisheriesPort Stephens
LUCKETT, DavidAgricultureWagga Wagga
LUO, Jixun AgricultureYanco
LYONS, NicolasAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
MACCALLUM, RichardAgricultureCondoblin
MAJZOOBI, MahsaAgricultureWagga Wagga
MALCOLM, HamishFisheries
MARSH, IanBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
MARSHALL, Kate Biosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
McCLINTOCK, Anthea AgricultureParkes
MCCONNACHIE, Andrew Biosecurity and Food Safety
McCORKELL, BruceEconomics and biometricsTamworth
McDOUGALL, SandraAgricultureYanco
McGOWEN, IanAgricultureOrange (head office)
MCINTOSH, ShaneAgricultureWollongbar
MCMASTER, Colin AgricultureCowra
McMULLEN, GuyAgricultureTamworth
McPHEE, MalcolmAgricultureArmidale (BIC)
MEEK, PaulBiosecurity and Food SafetyCoffs Harbour
MELVILLE, GavinEconomics and biometricsTrangie
MENSAH, RobertAgriculture
MENZ, IanAgricultureCondoblin
MEYER, RichardAgricultureWagga Wagga
MILGATE, AndrewAgricultureWagga Wagga
MITCHELL, DavidAgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
MO, JianhuaBiosecurity and Food SafetyYanco
MOORE, KevinAgricultureTamworth
MORRIS, StephenEconomics and biometricsWollongbar
MORTIMER, SueAgricultureTrangie
MUIRHEAD, Lynette Agriculture
MURPHY, SeanWaterTamworth
MURRAY, Alex AgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
NACHIMUTHU, GunasekharAgriculture
NAPIER, TonyAgricultureYanco
NICHOLAS, AdrianAgricultureGosford
NORTH, SamAgricultureDeniliquin
NORTON, MarkAgricultureCanberra
O'CONNOR, WayneFisheriesPort Stephens
O'ROURKE, BrendonEconomics and biometrics
OLESEN, TrevorAgricultureAlstonville (NSW CTH)
ORCHARD, BeverleyFisheriesWagga Wagga
OVENDEN, Ben AgricultureYanco
PARKS, SophieAgricultureGosford
Patricia Okeeffe AgricultureWagga Wagga
PEAM, HelenBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
PEDDEMORS, VicFisheriesCronulla
PILKINGTON, LeighBiosecurity and Food SafetyGosford
PILTZ, JohnAgricultureWagga Wagga
POWELL, JanineEconomics and biometricsNarrabri
PRESTON, AaronAgricultureWagga Wagga
RAMAN, HarshAgricultureWagga Wagga
RAMAN, RosyAgricultureWagga Wagga
READ, AndrewBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
REECE, RodneyAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
REFSHAUGE GordonAgricultureCowra
REGAN, PeterWater
REYNOLDS, OliviaBiosecurity and Food SafetyWagga Wagga
RICHARDS, MarkAgricultureWagga Wagga
ROBINSON, DorothyEconomics and biometrics
ROGIERS, SuzyAgricultureWagga Wagga
RUST, JoshAgriculture
SALES, NarelleBiosecurity and Food SafetyEMAI (Menangle)
SAWYERS, Emma Agriculture
SCHWENKE, GraemeAgricultureTamworth
SEAGO, AinsleyAgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SHARP, TrudyBiosecurity and Food SafetyOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SIMMONS, AaronAgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SIMPFENDORFER, StevenAgricultureTamworth
SIMPSON, MarjaAgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
SINCLAIR, KatrinaAgricultureWollongbar
SINGH, BhupinderpalAgricultureEMAI (Menangle)
SISSONS, MikeAgricultureTamworth
SMITH, JohnAgricultureYanco
SMOOTHEY, AmyFisheriesCronulla
SNELL, PeterAgriculture
SPIERS, ZoeFisheriesEMAI (Menangle)
SPOHR, LorraineEconomics and biometricsGosford
SRIVASTAVA, MukeshEconomics and biometricsEMAI (Menangle)
STAPLES, PatrickAgricultureOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
STEVENS, MarkAgriculture
STEWART, JohnFisheriesCronulla
STOCKS, JeromFisheries
STONE, ChristineBiosecurity and Food SafetyWest Pennant Hills
SUAREZ, MatiasAgricultureArmidale (BIC)
TALBOT, MarkAgricultureYanco
TAN, Mui-KengAgriculture
TAVAKKOLI, EhsanAgricultureWagga Wagga
TAYLOR, MattFisheries
THIEM, JasonFisheries
THOMPSON, AndrewEconomics and biometricsEMAI (Menangle)
TOOHEY, EdwinaAgriculture
TRACEY, JohnBiosecurity and Food SafetyOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
TROLDAHL, David AgricultureYanco
TURTON, KulanAgriculture
UPPAL, RajneetAgricultureWagga Wagga
VAN DE VEN, RemyEconomics and biometricsOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
VAN LEUR, JoopAgricultureTamworth
VAN ZWIETEN, LukasAgricultureWollongbar
VANCOV, TonyWaterWollongbar
WALMSLEY, BradAgriculture
WALSH, ChrisFisheriesBatemans Bay
WANG, BinAgricultureWagga Wagga
WARD, RachelleAgricultureYanco
WATERS, CathleenAgricultureTrangie
WATSON, AndrewBiosecurity and Food Safety
WEAVER, TimAgricultureNarrabri
WEBB, AshleyAgricultureTamworth
WECKERT, MelanieAgricultureWagga Wagga
WEST, PeterBiosecurity and Food SafetyOAI (Orange Ag Institute)
WHATMUFF, MarkAgriculture
WILKINS, JohnAgriculture
WOOD, JennyAgricultureTamworth
WU, HanwenBiosecurity and Food SafetyWagga Wagga
XIMENES, FabianoAgricultureWest Pennant Hills