Remy van de Ven

Research interests

  • Bayesian methods
  • Censored regression


Remy van de Ven began employment with NSW DPI in March 1996. Prior to this position he had worked five years for NATA (The National Association of Testing Authorities) and then six years with the University of Sydney.

During his time with NSW DPI Remy has primarily worked as a consultant statistician, collaborating with scientist from a diverse range of research fields including weeds and animal research, plant pathology, food science and vertebrate pest management.

In 2002 – 2003 Remy spent twelve months in England with Rothamsted Research working on developing Bayesian methods for mapping Quantitative Trait Loci with epistatic effects.


  • B. App. Sc., Mathematics and its Applications -with Distinction. USQ
  • Certificate of Equivalent Honours, First class. UNE
  • M. Stat. UNSW
  • PhD. USyd

Recent publications

Andrews, T. S., Medd, R.W. and van de Ven, R. (In press) Predicting Avena spp. control with clodinafop. Weed Research

Hopkins, D.L., Stanley, D.F., Martin, L.C., Ponnampalam, E.N., and van de Ven, R. (2007) Sire and growth path effects on sheep meat production. 1. Growth and carcass characteristics. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 47, 1208-1218.

Hopkins, D.L., Stanley, Toohey, E.S., Gardner, G.E. Pethick, D.W. and van de Ven, R. (2007) Sire and growth path effects on sheep meat production. 2. Meat and eating quality. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 47, 1219-1228.

Andrews, T.S., Medd, R.W., van de Ven, R. and Pickering, D.I. (2007) Field validation of the factors related to clodinafop efficacy on Avena species. Weed Research 47, 15-24.

Jahromi, F.G., van de Ven, R., Cother, E. J. and Gavin J. A. (2006) The interaction between Plectosporium alismatis and sublethal doses of bensulfuron-methyl reduces the growth of starfruit (Damasonium minus) in rice. Biocontrol Science and Technology 16, 929-940.

Madafiglio, G.P., Medd, R.W, Cornish, P.S. and van de Ven, R. (2006) Seed production of Raphanus raphanistrum following herbicide application during reproduction and effects on wheat yield. Weed Research 46, 50-60.

Holst P. J., Stanley D. F., Millar G. D., Radburn A., Michalk D. L., Dowling P. M., van de Ven R., Priest S. M., Kemp D. R., King W. McG. and Tarleton J. A  (2006) Sustainable grazing systems for the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. 3. Animal production response to pasture type and management. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 46, 471-482.

Rew, L.J., Medd, R.W., van de Ven, R., Gavin, J.J., Robinson, G.R., Tuitee, M., Barnes, J. and Walker, S. (2005) Weed species richness and relative abundance on farms in the subtropical grain region of Australia. Australian Journal of Experimental Agriculture. 45, 711-723.

van de Ven, R. (2004) Letter to the Editor – Reversible Jump Markov Chain Monte Carlo for Quantitative Trait Loci Mapping. Genetics. 167, 1033-1035.

Professional associations and activities

  • Statistical Society of Australia
  • International Biometrical Society
  • Royal Statistical Society

Fields of research

010404 Applied Statistics

Australian and New Zealand Standard Research Classification (ANZSRC)

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