Insect and mite collection Insect and mite collection

The Agricultural Scientific Collections Unit (ASCU) maintains one of largest and most comprehensive agricultural insect and mite collections in Australia.

Plant Pathology HerbariumPlant Pathology Herbarium

The Plant Pathology Herbarium has about 100,000 specimens of preserved fungi, viruses, nematodes and bacteria of economic importance dating back to 1890.

Living Culture collectionLiving Culture collections

There are two collections of living cultures included in the Plant Pathology Herbarium - the fungal culture collection and the bacterial collection (with more than 5000 isolates).

Otolith collectionOtolith collection

The Wild Fisheries program of the NSW Department of Primary Industries maintains an archived collection of otoliths of NSW estuarine and oceanic fish species. The collection is housed at the Fisheries NSW office within the Sydney Institute of Marine Science, Mosman.

Scientific illustrationsScientific illustrations

This is a stunning collection of hand-painted illustrations of insects and plant diseases, painted by two illustrators between 1914 and 1970.