Winter crop variety sowing guide



The complexities of modern technology, fluctuating markets and the vagaries of weather all contribute to the winter crop producer's need for careful planning and management to optimise production and profitability.

Profitable winter crop growing demands higher production per unit area at lower cost per unit of production.

This can only be achieved by increasing grain yields through economic adoption of new or improved technology.

The aim is not higher total production, but greater productivity from the resources invested in crop production, along with total sustainability of the farm business.

Profit depends on choosing the most suitable variety for each paddock and sowing time and matching this to available markets.

This guide helps to select the most suitable variety and contains updated technical information from the latest research, extension and industry programs.

It aims to assist growers to make better cropping decisions and higher profits. Consult your local agronomist or farm adviser for more specific advice.


Published: 01 Apr 2016