Current bushfire situation


Natural disaster declarations

Emergency contacts

  • Emergency: 000
  • For evacuation and relocation enquiries contact NSW Rural Fire Service Bushfire information Line: 1800 679 737

Last update: 23 January 2014

With below average rainfall and heatwave conditions over summer, it is important that landholders prepare and plan now to minimise the potential impacts of bushfires.

The Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and Local Land Services (LLS) with its various supporting agencies continue to support the Rural Fire Service across NSW.

Currently, the focus is in response to fires in the State's central west and south east. A large number of fires were started during an electrical storm impacting on primary producers, State Forests, Crown lands and national parks. Stock loss and infrastructure damage has occurred with many areas still being assessed. Large areas of State Forest and private pine forests have also been affected.

There is also a number of smaller fires impacting on local primary producers. DPI and LLS will continue to assist primary producers whose properties have been impacted by fire.

For assistance or further information please contact the NSW Rural Fire Service on 1800 679 737.

Preparing for fires

  • Prepare your bushfire survival plan (NSW Rural Fire Service:
  • Prepare fuel-reduced places where livestock can be moved to during an emergency to give them the greatest chance of survival.
  • Ensure firebreaks are mown, ploughed, slashed or grazed along fence lines and around your home, shed and storage areas.
  • Seal underfloor spaces to stop embers entering infrastructure.
  • Have water tanks filled and connected to a pump for fire fighting in case a fire is on your property.
  • Have a diesel pump. Electric pumps won't work during a fire if the power goes out.
  • Store things like fuel or woodpiles well away from your house.
  • Check the access to your property. Ensure cattle grids or bridges can hold the weight of a fire truck.
  • Make sure you've got adequate levels of insurance for your home, contents, machinery and crops or stock.
  • Consider fire proofing your stock watering systems (e.g. bury poly pipe)
  • If you are planning to evacuate make sure you have somewhere to go and a means of transport for your animals.

More information

More information and resources to help manage and prepare for Bushfires.