Current situation

For information on current flood events and what landholders and pet owners should do when preparing for floods and during floods.

Case studies

Flood Ready Dairying on the North Coast of NSW

Flood Ready Dairying is about building on the strength and resilience of the dairy sector to meet the challenges of floods. Floods are the most common and costly natural disaster on the NSW North Coast where the Flood Ready Dairying project is being piloted.

Help for flood affected communities

Factsheet: Help for flood affected communities PDF icon 1MB





Crops & pastures


Our role during flood emergencies

  • Flood operating plan
    This plan sets out how NSW DPI coordinates a response to flood emergencies involving agriculture and animals under EMPLAN.

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  • Blowfly control in sheep
    Blowfly strike can be a problem following flood. Information about blowfly species, lifecycle and treatment of blowfly strike.
  • Emergency management
    NSW DPI's responsibilities to prevent, prepare, respond to and help recover from some emergencies. Information about animal health emergencies and emergency plans.
  • Aviation management system
Flooded road

SES hotline

Farmers in need of assistance should call the SES hotline on 132500.

Flood Safety Information for Rural Properties (www.YouTube.com). This video provides information and advice for rural property owners in response to recent NSW flooding.

Report flood damage

Farmers are encouraged to report flood damage and stock losses to NSW DPI to assist NSW authorities in determining the extent of damage caused by flooding and assess potential support measures through the online form or to damage.report@dpi.nsw.gov.au

Flood warnings

Visit www.bom.gov.au for the latest flood warnings and river levels.

Related links

Enquiries relating to disaster relief should be referred to the NSW Rural Assistance Authority (www.raa.nsw.gov.au) or 1800 678 593. 

Ministry for Police and Emergency Services
This is the public emergency information website of the NSW Government. The website provides information about:

  • natural disaster declarations
  • relief arrangements available
  • preparing for, dealing with and recovering from an emergency situation.

NSW Food Authority
Advice on food safety during power outages and emergency flood situations.

NSW SES FloodSafe
For information what you should do before, during and after floods

Ross River Virus

People who are in contact with known mosquito habitats and who live in warm, humid climates near bodies of water will be most at risk of a mosquito bite and, as a consequence, the Ross River virus (www.health.nsw.gov.au).