This information forms part of Agfact H4.1.14 Nashi asian pear varieties

Nashi Hosui

Nashi Asian pear variety Hosui

Origin Japan (1972), P.pyrifolia, Ri-14 (Kikusui x Yakumo) x Yakumo.
Tree Vigorous when young, but more moderate when mature, weeping habit with long floppy limbs, susceptible to fire blight and pear blast (Pseudomonas syringae). Broad ovate to oval leaf with attenuate tip, medium serrations.
Chilling requirement Moderate, less than Kosui, about 550 h.
Blossom and pollination

Early mid season, pink in bud and part of most exposed petals, rounded buds, flower large, red ring inside anthers, frilly edged petals. Shinsui, Nijisseiki, Kosui. NOT Niitaka.

Fruit shape Round, medium large.
Skin and flesh Russetted golden brown, conspicuous white lenticels. Excellent eating quality, high sugar and acid, fine grained texture.
Harvest Just after Nijisseiki, mid season, 135-145 days after full bloom
Storage Good keeping quality, 3-4 months.