Livestock health and disease


Zoonotic diseases are infectious diseases that can pass from animals to humans. Seventy-five per cent of new human diseases are zoonotic.

 Information by enterprise

  • Cattle
    Internal and external parasites, poisoning, diseases and disorders of cattle.
  • Goats
    General goat health management, anatomy and physiology, diseases and nutritional deficiencies.
  • Honey bees
    Information about specific pests and diseases of honey bees from a collection of sources, as well as regulatory information and forms.
  • Horses
    Horse feeding and nutrition, welfare, diseases and parasites, poisonings and estimating a horse's weight.
  • Pigs
    Specific disease information and general information about maintaining pig health and well-being.
  • Poultry
    Information on avian influenza, Newcastle disease and other diseases of poultry plus measures for preventing disease.
  • Sheep
    Internal and external parasites, footrot, other diseases including OJD, nutritional disorders, notifiable and emergency diseases.
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Emergency and notifiable animal diseases

  • Emergency animal diseases
    can have serious consequences for trade, production or human health. Contact a vet or call the Emergency Animal Disease Hotline on
    1800 675 888
    if you see symptoms or deaths in animals that may be due to an emergency animal disease.
  • Notifiable animal diseases in NSW
    A number of animal diseases, including all emergency animal diseases, are notifiable under NSW legislation. This means there's a legal obligation to notify authorities if you know or suspect that an animal has one of these diseases.
  • You can notify of a suspected or confirmed notifiable disease using the online form or fill in the notifiable animal disease form (PDF 44KB) and fax it to NSW DPI Biosecurity on 02 6361 9976.

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Other areas of interest



  • Animal Health Surveillance
    These surveillance reports convey a limited amount of information about the occurance and distribution of livestock disease in New South Wales.
  • Biosecurity newsletter
    Provides stakeholders with information on the various national and state animal biosecurity programs.
  • Turning the Worm
    Information for the management of endoparasites of farmed animals, including sheep, goats and cattle.
  • WormFax
    A summary of WormTest results (in sheep) from around NSW.