Strategic plan for sustainable agriculture in the Sydney region


This Strategic Plan is the result of community consultation. The process began in 1993 with an education and awareness program initiated by NSW Agriculture. In 1995 the Minister for Agriculture Richard Amery released an issues paper for public discussion, and the responses were used to develop a draft Strategic Plan. The final Plan was released in May 1998, and it is owned by the community of the Sydney Region.

This document summarises the key points of the Strategic Plan. A complete copy of the Strategic Plan can be obtained in PDF format.

The complete document details implementation strategies, policy actions, time frames and sources of expertise for each objective of the Strategic Plan.

The process of community consultation which formed the basis for the Strategic Plan is outlined, and other strategic planning initiatives for the Sydney region are listed.

The appendixes give the membership of the Working Group, list the community groups and organisations that contributed to the Strategic Plan, explain ESD (Economically Sustainable Development) principles, provide a glossary, and chart the flow of recycled and urban waste through agriculture. (Note: the recycling waste flowchart is available in the booklet form only.)


Published: 1998