NSW Invasive Species Plan

Cover of 'NSW Invasive Species Plan 2008-2015

Invasive species are one of the greatest threats to biodiversity and primary production in NSW. The combined impact of pest animals, weeds and other invasive species on public land managers, farmers and the wider community amounts to a serious burden on the State's economy and amenity. For these reasons the effective management of invasive species is of crucial importance for NSW. 

The NSW Invasive Species Plan 2008-15 provided guidance to the following successful programs:

Draft NSW Invasive Species Plan 2015-2022

A review of the NSW Invasive Species Plan 2008-15 was recently undertaken to ensure invasive species in NSW continues to be managed by objective and successful programs.

An updated NSW Invasive Species Plan 2015-22 has now been drafted by NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) in collaboration with public land managers (Local Land Services, Crown Lands and NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service), and is open for public consultation.

Have your say

Landholder and community feedback is sought to ensure priorities have been appropriately identified and to also help guide future investment in invasive species management. Following the consultation process all comments received will be reviewed and considered for incorporation into the final plan.

Public consultation on the draft plan closes on 2 October 2015.

How to submit your comments

Written comments on the consultation document can be submitted via email to DPI.

Email: invasive.species@dpi.nsw.gov.au