Pork - Cost of Production (COP) software

The Pork Cost of Production calculator, developed by NSW DPI for piggery owners and managers to monitor the cost of production and profitability of the piggery, has been further enhanced to allow storage and comparison of 10 years of cost of production data. Pork COP3 provides monthly, quarterly and annual summaries of the piggery business performance, as well as a comparison between years in simple graph format.

The details required to use the spreadsheet are monthly sow numbers, carcase sales, feed usage and costs, and non-feed costs. The COP and margin are calculated automatically. Comparative benchmark values are provided as a guide for industry best practice, but producer benchmark figures can be inserted if preferred. There is also a comprehensive help section.

The Cost of Production calculator also includes a method of calculating profitability financial indicators (equity, ratio of liabilities to income, and return to capital) to assess business performance over time. These indicators are calculated automatically after details of liabilities, income, assets and operating profit are inserted.

Technical requirements

The Pork Cost of Production calculator requires Microsoft Excel (testing has been performed on Excel versions 97 and up on various Microsoft operating systems).

The software uses macros to perform calculations, so macros must be 'enabled' to ensure it performs the calculations and automatic processes correctly.

It is also useful to check the security setting on your Excel program as this can hinder operation of the program if the security setting is on High. Open Excel, select Tools, select Macro, select Security and then select Medium.


If you are having problems with downloading or use of the program contact:

Livestock Officer Pigs
PO Box 129

Phone: 02 6349 9777
Fax: 02 6342 4543


Further information

For further information on the cost of production, see Primefact 66 Pork - Cost of production.