Greater Sydney Peri Urban Biosecurity Program

Sydney is the gateway to NSW and its peri urban areas have long been recognised as a high biosecurity risk. In this region we have more incoming international travellers and freight than anywhere else in the country along with a high density of small lot holders. Couples with the high impact of climate change and emerging diseases, the biosecurity risk for the region continues to rise.

Developed in partnership with Greater Sydney Local Land Services, the Greater Sydney Peri Urban Biosecurity Program focuses on strengthening collaboration within the region and improving the capacity to respond to, manage and control biosecurity threats.

Biosecurity in the Greater Sydney region keeps farmers in business, maintains export markets, keeps the community healthy and protects our environment – and we want to keep it that way.


A peri urban area is the interface between urban and rural lands. For example, residential areas with agricultural lands are peri urban.

Everyone can contribute to peri urban biosecurity by being aware of what biosecurity is and:

  • not bringing things back from interstate or overseas that might create a risk
  • reporting anything unusual if you live or work near an airport, port or state border
  • protecting your own business as well as your neighbour’s if you live or work in a semi-urban area.

For further information on the Peri Urban Biosecurity Program or to become involved contact:

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