List of notifiable plant pests and diseases in NSW

Help protect New South Wales – report these pests and diseases

Exotic plant pests and diseases

Two pieces of legislation Proclamation P430 and Order O468 assist New South Wales in responding early to high priority plant and environmental pests and diseases.

The pests and diseases on the lists are not present in New South Wales and with your help we do not want them to become established.

Not every pest and disease that is exotic to New South Wales and Australia is on this list because, it would be impossible to list every exotic that affects all plants. Instead those on the New South Wales notifiable list are relevant to New South Wales plant production industries and the environment.

All unusual plant pests and diseases should be reported to the Exotic Plant Pests Hotline 1800 084 881. You can also report by sending a clear photo and your contact details by email to

A-Z lists of notifiable plant pests and diseases in New South Wales