Plant biosecurity permits

Are you importing items into NSW that pose a risk of introducing a pest or disease?

Several acts of parliament in NSW including the Plant Diseases Act 1924 and the Noxious Weeds Act 1993 regulate the bringing into NSW of items that pose a risk of introducing a pest, disease, or weed that is not present in NSW. It is your responsibility to identify the regulatory requirements associated with importing items into NSW. This website provides a guide to the regulatory requirements associated with some common items that are imported into NSW.

Certification/Inspection requirements for common items imported into NSW



Regulated Pest/Disease

Do I need certification or inspection?

Used agricultural equipment

Western Australia, South Australia

Lupin Anthracnose
Proclamation O431 (PDF, 724.1 KB)

A Plant Health Certificate is required to be obtained from the Department of Agriculture WA or Biosecurity SA prior to movement from WA or SA certifying the place in which the machinery was last used and that machinery has been cleaned to remove all soil and organic matter (call WA - 08 9334 1800 and SA - 08 8207 7820). This must be faxed or emailed to NSW DPI 7 days prior to movement along with the intended date of movement, and details of the consignor and consignee or fax 02 6391 4723


Parthenium Weed

Border Inspection (see below)

Grapes and grapevine plant material of any kind, vineyard equipment, and related products

Movement requirements for grapes, grapevine plant material of any kind, vineyard equipment, and related products are determined based on the presence or absence of the pest Grapevine Phylloxera at the origin and destination.

See the Current Maps (Phylloxera management zones) for further information.

Additional treatments are needed when grapes are moved from within a current Queensland Fruit Fly outbreak area.

Grapevine Phylloxera

Plant Diseases (Grapevine Phylloxera) Order 2016 (PDF, 2.37 MB)

Queensland Fruit Fly
Order O-458 (PDF, 894 KB)

Certification or permit may be required.

Earth moving machinery


Red Imported Fire Ant
Order O-396

Certification may be required


All States


Permit may be required

Other commonly imported items that may require a permit include pot plants, turf, fruit, potatoes including seed potatoes, rice and associated machinery, and containerised trees.


A permit is a special written approval issued by an inspector of Biosecurity NSW that enables a movement to occur that would not normally be permitted under current regulatory requirements. To inquire about obtaining a permit email your inquiry to

To apply for a permit, download the application form below, complete it and fax to 02 6391 4723 or scan and email to and your application will be assessed by a Plant Biosecurity Officer. You can use the guide below to help you complete the form.

Notification Form for movement and planting of Musaceae (banana plant) propagative material in the NSW Banana Protected Area

Before moving or planting bananas into or within the NSW Banana Protected Area you must notify a Biosecurity Compliance Officer in writing of the proposed movement or planting.

The NSW Banana Protected Area (BPA) (PDF, 462.96 KB) includes the NSW eastern seaboard extending from Kempsey to the Queensland border.

To lodge a Notification Form, download the form below, complete it and post to NSW Department of Primary Industries, PO Box 530, Coffs Harbour 2450 or fax to 02 6651 2780 or scan and email to for assessment by a Biosecurity Compliance Officer.

The movement of banana material into NSW from other States and Territories is also regulated. Contact 1800 084 881 if you intend to introduce banana plant material (excluding fruit) into NSW.

Border Inspection for Parthenium Weed

Before bringing grain harvesting equipment into NSW, you must contact the relevant crossing office and arrange for an inspection at the border.
Regulated items include:

  • Grain harvesters including comb and trailer
  • Grain bins
  • Augers or similar
  • Pilot vehicles and vehicles transporting the harvesting equipment.

A permit will be issued to allow for movement of equipment within NSW upon passing inspection. Inspection is mandatory and moving a header or associated machinery from Qld anywhere in NSW without a permit is an offence. 48 hours notice is required for inspection during busy times.

See below for contact telephone numbers to arrange an inspection.

GoondiwindiGraham McGovern(07) 4671 12270437 373 089
TallwoodBev & Peter Schnitzerling07 4677 1183 
MungindiMarie Nolan02 6753 23230428 532 018
Vida Faulkner 0457 027 486
HebelChris Conolly07 4625 09160429 650 642
Shelley Johnston07 4625 0917 
BourkeBourke Shire Council02 6830 80000419 722 055
Tweed Heads, QLD borderPaul Veares 0429 039 050

For further enquiries about Parthenium Weed inspections contact Geoff Payne on 02 6626 1246 or 0428 678 311.

Interstate Contact Details

The importer must ensure that they meet the requirements for any State or Territory through which the consignment passes while in transit to NSW.

Northern Territory(08) 8999 2138
South Australia1300 666 010
Victoria136 186
Queensland(07) 3404 6999
Western Australia(08) 9334 1800
Tasmania1300 368 550
Australian Capital Territory(02) 6207 6376