Key research

Our major objectives are to improve the quality, profitability and sustainability of deciduous fruit, wool and sheep meat production, minimise the impacts of weeds in crops, pastures and natural ecosystems, , reduce the incidence of diseases in domestic livestock, and limit the effects of vertebrate pests on production and the environment.

Our approach to achieve profitable agriculture for a better environment covers a wide range of research activities including genetic improvement of fruit trees, development and timing of farming operations that incorporate integrated management practices (including biological methods) to minimise the use of chemical to control diseases, weeds and other pests, and the formulation of grazing management systems to increase productivity of both native and sown pastures all complemented by research that targets environmental problems such as salinity, acidity and loss of biodiversity.

Key research units

NSW DPI has research units spread across various locations. For example, the Weeds Research unit has research staff based in Orange, Wagga Wagga, Narrabri, Grafton and Tamworth.

Some of the units located at Orange Agricultural Institute include:

  • Research Services
  • Biosecurity Collections
  • Central Tablelands Local Land Services
  • Climate
  • Pastures and soils
  • Temperate horticulture and viticulture
  • Vertebrate pests
  • Water and irrigation
  • Water NSW
  • Weeds Research
  • Wool performance

More information about key research undertaken at Orange Agricultural Institute can be found in the Introducing Orange Agricultural Institute booklet.