Pesticide use notification plan

As from 1 February 2007 public authorities such as local councils and government agencies are required to notify the community when they use or allow the use of pesticides in public places that are owned or controlled by the public authority. This new obligation on public authorities has been introduced by the Department of Environment and Conservation and is fully described in the Pesticides Regulation 2005.

Public notification is based on the principle that people who live and work in an area have a basic right to know when public places in the area are treated with pesticides. More information on pesticide use notification is available from the Department of Environment and Conservation’s web site at

To comply with the Regulation, the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has prepared a Pesticide Use Notification Plan that sets out how, when and where it will notify the general public of any recent or intended pesticide applications to prescribed public places under its control.

A copy of the revised (May 2012) Pesticide use notification plan, as required by the Pesticides Regulation 2009 is now available.

Comments can be made until June 30 2012 to;

The Manager
Biosecurity Business and Legislation
NSW Department of Primary Industries
Locked Bag 21 ORANGE  NSW  2800

Phone:  02 3691 3727
Fax:  02 6391 3740

For further information you can contact the Biological and Chemical Risk Management Unit on 02 6391 3704.