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Name:TopfodderTM silage
Description:This course covers the science of silage, crop selection, and making, storing and feeding high-quality silage. The program includes hands-on inspection and assessment of silage on farms using both bulk and baled silage.

$585 GST-free.
Includes highly acclaimed Successful Silage manual.

Course aims:
  • Improve the quality of silage
  • Evaluate the role of silage and hay when developing drought, flood, sustainable grazing and weed management plans
  • Reduce losses and wastage (during harvest, storage and feed-out)
  • Develop a better understanding of fodder conservation costs
  • Make silage production more profitable
Learning outcomes:
  • Compare the advantages of silage versus hay
  • Understand the fermentation process
  • Identify where losses occur and minimise them
  • Recognise how silage quality affects animal production
  • Interpret a feed quality analysis report
  • Recognise silage as a management tool
  • Understand the impact of growth stage on quality and quantity of silage
  • Assess wilting level and dry matter content
  • Understand how additives work and when to use them
  • Develop strategies for dealing with adverse weather conditions
  • Compare storage and feeding methods
  • Identify the costs of fodder conservation
  • Calculate fodder requirements during drought
  • Develop a contractor agreement
Length:3 days
Course program/structure:Day 1
  • Introduction
  • Using silage in the farming system
  • Principles and science of silage making
  • Understanding feed quality

Day 2

  • Crop/pasture selection for silage
  • Mowing, wilting and harvesting
  • Storage of silage
  • Use of additives and inoculants

Day 3

  • Feeding silage
  • Effect of chop length on storing and feeding
  • Economics of silage
  • Working with contractors
Resources and method of delivery: Participants will receive the following resources:
  • TopFodder Successful Silage technical reference manual. The 420 page hardcover book contains many diagrams, pictures and tables.
  • Successful Silage workbook.
  • TopFodder Successful Silage DVD.

This course is mainly delivered indoors, but includes farm visits and demonstrations.

Accreditation: This course is mapped to the national unit of competency AHCBAC502A - Manage forage conservation.

This short course was developed jointly by the NSW Department of Primary Industries and Dairy Australia.

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