Natural resources and climate

NSW North Coast timber supply
NSW North Coast timber supply

An agreement to reduce the harvest of high quality saw logs on the NSW north coast will allow the continued maturing of forests as part of a NSW Government plan to ensure the long-term sustainable supply of timber from the region's forests. A summary of URS Australia’s independent report is available for download.

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Position statement on natural resource management

Describes the principles which the Department of Primary Industries will promote so that the interactions between people, natural and production landscapes, and aquatic habitats are effectively managed.

 Water research
Water & primary industries

Information on all aspects of water, a precious resource, and its use in primary industries.

Land use planning
Land Use Planning

This section assists proponents and local councils plan for sustainable agricultural development with policies and guidelines, information on agricultural mapping and statistical data.

Position statement on soils

The Position Statement on Soils for NSW Department of Primary Industries outlines the policy context, use and management principles and objectives that enable the agency to take a lead role in soil futures for NSW.

  • Forestry
    Information on private forestry which refers to the practice of growing of trees on private land and includes "agroforestry" and "farm forestry".

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