• Irrigation and drainage management plans
    Information about the components and benefits of an integrated drainage management plan (IDMP) and guidelines to assist a manager to develop their own IDMP.
  • Irrigation costs
    Information and tools to assist managers to estimate the costs associated with their irrigation systems.
  • Irrigation of specific crops
    Information about irrigation that is specific to a particular crop.
  • Irrigation systems
    Selecting an irrigation system, pressurised and surface irrigations systems and pumps.
  • Regional irrigation profiles
    Profiles of irrigation areas in NSW that include the number of licences and enterprises, entitled volumes or areas authorised for irrigation, the area irrigated and water used in total and by crop type, irrigation methods, irrigated crop yields and the value of irrigated agriculture in the region.
  • Soil water monitoring and irrigation scheduling
    Descriptions of monitoring equipment and its maintenance, irrigation scheduling resources.
  • Water use efficiency
    Evaluation of water use efficiency for a large number of irrigation systems, including checklists.
  • NSW Sustaining the Basin: Irrigated Farm Modernisation
    STBIFM is a continuation of the successful pilot project run in the Border Rivers-Gwydir region during 2010-11. It provides an opportunity for irrigators in the NSW Border Rivers, Gwydir, Namoi, Peel, Cudgegong and Macquarie water management areas to upgrade irrigation infrastructure, improve productivity, adapt to reduced water availability and ensure the long term sustainability of local communities.