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Tomato Potato Psyllid

Tomato potato psyllid is an exotic plant pest which has been detected in Australia for the first time in Perth, Western Australia.

Lupin anthracnose

Lupin anthracnose detected in NSW

Russian wheat aphid
Russian wheat aphid

Russian wheat aphid in NSW

NSW Department of Primary Industries has a lead role in preventing, responding to, and overseeing the recovery from invasion or spread of plant pests and diseases. NSW DPI works closely with plant industries, other jurisdictions and the general public to put sound biosecurity policies in place, helping to maintain and expand market access for the state's primary producers.

Market access certification

Due to Australia's geographic isolation and historically strong focus on quarantine, we're in the fortunate situation of being free of many significant pests that adversely affect agricultural production in other countries.

Fewer pest and disease problems mean lower production costs. 'Pest freedom' provides an enormous market access advantage to Australian producers.

NSW plant industries also need to be protected from pests and diseases that are present in other parts of Australia, such as potato cyst nematode or lupin anthracnose. A summary of entry conditions for New South Wales is provided in the Plant Quarantine Manual (PDF, 3665.81 KB) .

For recent updates to market access legislation please see industry advice.

Exotic plant pests and diseases

Two pieces of legislation assist New South Wales in responding early to high priority plant and environmental pests and diseases:

The pests and diseases on the lists are not present in New South Wales and with your help we do not want them to become established. Not every pest and disease that is exotic to New South Wales and Australia is on this list because it would be impossible to identify every exotic pest or disease. Instead those on the New South Wales notifiable list are relevant to New South Wales plant production industries and the environment.

Reporting and diagnostics

An exotic plant pest is a disease causing organism or an invertebrate (insect, mite, snail, nematode) not present in NSW which damages plants or plant products. If you suspect the presence of an exotic plant disease or pest, or if you see unusual symptoms on your plants, please immediately phone:

  • Exotic Plant Pest Hotline 1800 084 881

More information on the reporting of exotic or emergency plant pests can be found in Emergency Plant Pest Reporting and what happens next.

Diagnostic services are offered by NSW DPI:

Industry biosecurity

If you have a particular query or comment, please email NSW DPI's Biosecurity Branch at

Travelling or moving interstate?

Check out the Quarantine Domestic website for general information about quarantine restrictions in Australia.

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Grapevine phylloxera

Grapevine phylloxera aphid-like insects (top) and the leaf galls found on grapevine leaves.

Green leaf of paperbark tree showing yellow fungal lesions surrounded by the purple spots of an early myrtle rust infection

Myrtle rust on paperbark leaf
(Melaleuca quinquenervia)

Red imported fire ant

Red imported fire ant worker (Solenopsis invicta). Fire ants are a serious public nuisance and pest of agriculture in South America and the United States. Photo courtesy of Peter Green.