Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program

The NSW Government’s Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program introduces linkages between shares and catch or effort. This will give fishers the ability to invest in their businesses with more certainty than ever before. Importantly, share linkages have been tailored to each share class.

Under the Business Adjustment Program, some commercial fishers may want to purchase more shares to secure their level of business activity, while others may choose to sell their shares and exit the industry. There is a range of assistance measures available to help industry through this transition process.

Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program inquiry

In December last year an inquiry was conducted into the Commercial Fisheries Business Adjustment Program. Today, the 23 February 2017, the report from that inquiry was tabled in Parliament. The report can be accessed via the link below.

Response to Neil MacDonald report

The NSW Government recently engaged an independent consultant, Neil MacDonald, to advise of issues that should be considered regarding the implementation of the Business Adjustment Program.

After consultation with commercial fishers and industry stakeholders, including the Professional Fisherman’s Association, a range of issues were identified and additional measures developed to address key industry concerns raised, including the provision of greater certainty for those fishers undergoing the Independent Allocation Panel Process. More information can be found in the full response below.

Parliamentary Inquiry into Commercial Fishing – NSW Government response

The NSW Government welcomes the Report from the General Purpose Standing Committee No.5’s (PDF, 313.13 KB) inquiry into commercial fishing in NSW. We support all recommendations in principle and are working to quickly implement them.