Accessible recreational fishing

Fishing platform South West RocksThe Fisheries Management Act 1994 aims 'to promote quality recreational fishing opportunities' and DPI is committed to ensure that rights and needs of people with a disability are met in the design or retrofitting of fishing platforms constructed. The health and wellbeing benefits of fishing are becoming better understood and the benefits for people with disability are perhaps even more significant. Fishing assists in restoring independence, confidence and lessens the degree of psychological problems caused by acquired traumatic injuries.

Wheelchair accessible fishing platforms in NSW

Funding from the NSW Recreational Fishing Trusts has been used to create a number of accessible fishing platforms throughout NSW. The below map shows the current locations of fishing platforms in NSW funded by the Trusts. (Note - the accessibility of each of these platforms is currently being assessed and not all platforms on the map below will be fully accessible. This information will be added to the map as it becomes available)

DPI has produced draft design guidelines for accessible fishing platforms. If you would like to comment on the draft please download the consultation draft document (PDF, 4443.99 KB) and provide your feedback and comments to