North Coast shark net trial

The NSW Government commenced a six-month trial of shark nets in December, to reduce the risk of shark encounters on the North Coast. The nets were removed in late May due to the annual whale migration. The trial complements the Government’s $16 million Shark Management Strategy, and the ongoing Shark Meshing (Bather Protection) Program from Newcastle to Wollongong.

DPI has met with community representatives to inform them of the trial, including possible locations. DPI also conducted a survey seeking community views.

The trial is approved under Schedule 6D to the Fisheries Management Act 1994 (PDF, 44.81 KB) which aims to promote safe use and enjoyment by the public of coastal beaches and other tidal waters by facilitating shark management trials.

The trial will be carried out in accordance with the Management Plan for the NSW North Coast Shark MeshingTrial (PDF, 428.6 KB).

DPI have prepared the Fauna Disentanglement Plan (PDF, 416.86 KB) in accordance with the Management Plan.

The NSW government will now work with shark scientists, the Commonwealth and the community to determine the future of the north coast nets with a decision expected by early spring. In addition, DPI will continue to consult with the Commonwealth on options for shark bite mitigation on the north coast.

Shark net trial facts