Restricted licence accreditation

Hunter LEAP (Learning, Education and Accreditation Program)

R-Licence Accreditation Course

The R-Licence Accreditation Course is part of the Hunter LEAP education and training program.

Applicants must meet two requirements before they can apply for a NSW Restricted Game Hunting Licence (R-licence):

  • be a member of an Approved Hunting Organisation, and
  • become accredited for one or more of the R-licence categories (Firearms, Bows, Dogs or Blackpowder firearms).

To become accredited for the R-licence categories you must sit the DPI open-book test based on the NSW Hunter Education Handbook. Your can seek accreditation through a Hunter LEAP Provider that has been approved by the Game Licensing Unit. Submit Form R: Expression of Interest - R-licence Accreditation Course (PDF, 34.9 KB) and we will forward you a list of accredited trainers in your area.

Most Hunter LEAP Providers will charge a fee for the Accreditation Course. Our recommendation to providers is a minimum fee of $15 per person per group of five, however the provider may choose to charge a higher amount to recover any costs associated with the training​,​ so make sure you confirm the cost when they contact you. If you are charged a higher amount and feel that the charge is excessive, please contact our Education and Training team on

Applicants requiring assistance in reading and comprehending the Hunter Education Handbook, assessment questions and other important information should contact the Game Licensing Unit on 02 9842 8351 before attempting the test.

Hunter LEAP Providers

Approved Hunting Organisations (AHOs) and hunting industry businesses are invited to apply for accreditation as Hunter LEAP Providers. Once accredited, Hunter LEAP Providers are able to nominate Hunter LEAP Trainers to manage the delivery of material under the program. Material is supplied to both providers and trainers following their accreditation.

Read more on the Education and Training for hunters page.

About the R-Licence open-book test

You will receive a copy of the Hunter Education Handbook, a question booklet and a blank answer sheet when you attempt the R-licence open-book accreditation test. You may refer to the Hunter Education Handbook for assistance as you complete the test.

The first 20 questions are compulsory and must be completed by all applicants. These questions relate to ethical, responsible and safe hunting practices.

There are 10 questions for each category you can seek accreditation for (10 x firearms, 10 x dogs, 10 x bows, 10 x blackpowder firearms).

If you will only ever hunt using firearms, you do not need to do the 30 questions relating to the other three categories. However, we recommend that you complete accreditation for all or most categories when you first sit the test as there is a fee to add other categories at a later date.

You must achieve 100% on the test to qualify for the licence. If you answer a question incorrectly, your Hunter LEAP Trainer will ask you to review the incorrect answer.

R-guide accreditation

NSW Restricted (Guide) Game Hunting Licence applicants will only be able to guide others in the categories they are accredited for (ie, if your licence only has the category of firearms, you will be unable to guide a bowhunter).

R-commercial accreditation

NSW Restricted (Commercial) Game Hunting Licence applicants may only hunt using the categories of firearms and dogs.

However - if applicants intend to use their licence for standard hunting as well, they may seek accreditation for blackpowder firearms and bows.