A new approach to managing the NSW marine estate

A new approach, the Audit response

The Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson and Minister for the Environment Robyn Parker recently announced the NSW Government response to the Report of the Independent Scientific Audit of Marine Parks in NSW.

The NSW Government is seeking to better manage the NSW marine estate across our marine waters, coastline and estuaries, including the existing six marine parks.

The NSW marine estate includes:

  • the sea enclosed within the three-nautical-mile limit including all marine related bays.
  • rivers under a detectable tidal influence.
  • mangrove systems, islands, wetlands and lakes that are intermittently connected to the sea.
  • coastal systems such as dune systems and headlands that are strongly influenced by the oceanic processes even though they are not episodically inundated.

The new approach will be driven by two new advisory bodies (JPG 268Kb).

The Marine Estate Management Authority (PDF 72Kb) will:

  • have an independent Chair. The Ministers have selected Dr Wendy Craik AM for this role.
  • oversee management of the NSW marine estate, including the current system of marine parks.
  • report jointly to the Minister of Primary Industries and Minister for the Environment.
  • include as members the heads of NSW Trade and Investment, Primary Industries, Environment and Heritage, Planning and Infrastructure, and Transport, and the Chair of the Expert Knowledge Panel.

The independent Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel will:

  • be chaired by Dr Andrew Stoeckel and consists of five other experts.
  • provide the Authority and Ministers with expert advice across ecological, economic and social sciences.
  • Dr Stoeckel will also be a member of the Marine Estate Management Authority to provide for the Authority having direct access to scientific expertise.

The Authority and Expert Knowledge Panel will focus on these key initiatives:

The new approach allows the Government to respond to threats and risks to better manage our precious marine resources across the entire marine estate not just in marine parks.

A more comprehensive website is currently under construction. The website will provide:

  • general information about the NSW marine estate.
  • information about the new initiatives to achieve better management of the NSW marine estate.
  • information about the Marine Estate Management Authority and the Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel.

Latest news

The Deputy Premier Andrew Stoner and Minister for Environment Robyn Parker today announced community views on the NSW marine estate will be sought early this year, to inform the future management of the marine estate.   

The Marine Estate Management Authority has released its work program, including piloting the new approach to marine park management in Solitary Islands Marine Park and Batemans Marine Park:

The Marine Estate Management Authority have produced a key paper which outlines a vision for the NSW marine estate and the underpinning principles that will be used to guide management.

Marine Park Advisory Committees

Nominations for the 6 Marine Park Advisory Committees have now closed. Thank you for your submissions. Committee memberships will be announced in early 2014.

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