Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW

Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW (CCNSW) is the statutory body with strategic and regulatory oversight of the interment industry and responsibility for administering the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013.

CCNSW is led by an independent expertise-based board appointed by, and responsible to the Hon Paul Toole, MP, Minister for Lands and Forestry, and Minister for Racing.

The Board is Chaired by Dr Stepan Kerkyasharian AO, former Chair and CEO of Multicultural NSW and its predecessor agencies, and former President of the Anti-Discrimination Board.

The Board has three other voting members including:

  • Abigail Goldberg,  a planning expert
  • Scott Hawker, a finance and risk expert, and
  • Christopher Zinn, a consumer expert.

There are also seven non-voting Board members comprising representatives from:

  • Crown Lands Division, Department of Industry
  • Department of Planning and Environment
  • NSW Fair Trading
  • NSW Health
  • Office of Environment and Heritage, and
  • a local government expert.

A specialist business unit of Department of Industry-Lands employees, led by the CEO, Sarah Lees, supports the Board and enables CCNSW to carry out its functions.

Strategic Plan

CCNSW has prepared a Strategic Plan for 2015-2020, to articulate our role and priorities to the community and industry partners. It describes the way we will deliver the NSW Government's commitment to ensuring community needs and that expectations for interment services are met. The plan also sets out a blueprint for implementing the new regulatory framework for the interment industry.

2015-16 reports

2014-15 reports

The Board of Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW has established two consultative groups:  the Industry Consultative Group and the Community and Consumer Consultative Group, to ensure ongoing engagement and communication with the interment industry and the wider community.

The Industry Consultative Group is a high level committee, convened to ensure an industry-wide strategic focus on current and emerging issues. This forum provides an efficient approach for CCNSW to understand industry views and enables enhanced decision-making and transparency. The Industry Group provides advice regarding cemetery and crematorium policy to the CCNSW Board.

The Industry Consultative Group provides a genuine opportunity for the Industry to influence cemetery and crematorium policy in NSW. The group is comprised of representatives from the funeral industry, Crown cemetery trusts, private sector cemetery and crematoria operators and local government.

The Community and Consumer Consultative Group is also a high level committee, convened in an advisory capacity to ensure that the diverse views of communities and consumers are taken into account in policy development. The Community and Consumer Consultative Group will provide advice from a community perspective to the CCNSW Board, on a range of matters including key objectives of the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013. The group is comprised of representatives of major religious and ethnic groups and includes general community members.

Further information on these groups can be obtained via the contact details at the bottom of this page.

See statistics about the interment industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first comprehensive government register of cemeteries and crematoria in NSW has been established. All operational facilities in NSW provided the information, which CCNSW collate and refine to produce an extract of the register.

Contact us

Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW
6 Avenue of the Americas, Newington NSW 2127
PO Box 6682 Silverwater NSW 1811
Email: ccnsw.info@cemeteries.nsw.gov.au
Phone: 61 2 9741 4864
Fax: 61 2 9741 4892

Complaints handling

In order to assist the general public, we are committed to addressing and resolving complaints concerning cemeteries and crematoria or our service promptly within the scope permitted under our legislation.

Complaints can be made via:

Email: ccnsw.info@cemeteries.nsw.gov.au

Post: Complaints, Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW, PO Box 6682 Silverwater NSW 1811.

If raising a complaint via email or post, please include the following information in your correspondence:

  • Your name, contact details and a short summary of the issue, including the cemetery and/or crematoria operator and any actions previously taken by Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW relevant to your complaint
  • The names (if known) of any staff members involved in the issue
  • The action you are seeking in order to resolve the complaint, and the desired outcome - it is important that you explain this as clearly as possible, to ensure there are no misunderstandings
  • Any attachments (email attachments, photocopies or faxed documents) that may be of relevance to the issue.

We will action your complaint as soon as possible, and we will send out an acknowledgement of your complaint within two (2) working days.

Crown cemetery trust governance

A number a major facilities in metropolitan Sydney are operated by Crown cemetery operators appointed and regulated under the Crown Lands Act 1989 and the Cemeteries and Crematoria Act 2013. Visit the current Crown cemetery trust operator information.

Independent investigation into the Rookwood Reserve Trust

The Minister directed the Board of Cemeteries and Crematoria NSW to oversee an investigation into governance and operational concerns at the Rookwood General Cemeteries Reserve Trust (RGCRT) following representations from community stakeholders and Trust Board members.

Independent consultants conducted an evidence-based and consultative investigation that provided a report with recommendations to address issues and findings.

The Minister has considered and endorsed all recommendations of the investigation, and a response to the investigation report has been prepared (PDF, 620.88 KB).

Appointment of an Administrator to Rookwood Reserve Trust

Following a series of resignations that rendered the Board unable to form a quorum, in May 2016 the Minister appointed an administrator to manage the affairs of the RGCRT to 30 June 2016. Subsequent to this, a key element of the government response to the independent investigation was to appoint an administrator for a period of 12 months to implement the recommendations of the report and to ensure RGCRT operations and service delivery continued uninterrupted.The administrator is currently appointed to 30 June 2017.

There is no impact on the operations of Rookwood Cemetery which remains open for business as usual. The Catholic Cemetery at Rookwood is not affected.