Funding rounds

Round 9 is now open

We are pleased to announce that irrigators with eligible entitlements in the NSW Border Rivers and Lower Namoi catchments can now apply for funding under Round 9 of the STBIFM program.

As well, all eligible irrigators in the STBIFM program area may apply for reimbursement of up to 80% (to a maximum of $2,000) of their out of pocket expenses associated with preparing an Irrigated Farm Water Use Efficiency Assessment (IFWUEA).

Round 9 Guidelines and application forms can be downloaded here.

For information on previous funding rounds, see the DPI web publication archive.

Important dates for Round 9


Round 9 opening

Friday 23 December 2016

Round 9 final submission date

Friday 30 June 2017

Round 9 indicative locations map

STBIFM R9 Catchments Map

Recent modifications to Round 9

Following feedback from irrigators, the STBIFM team are pleased to announce changes to the program that will assist irrigators to prepare a funding application and support them in modernising their on-farm irrigation infrastructure. The changes include:

  • The release of cut-off prices for each eligible entitlement under the program. Preference will still be given to applications offering the greatest value for money. Project cost is a function of the infrastructure cost and the amount of water losses recovered
  • Irrigators can submit an infrastructure funding application any time until 30 June 2017
  • STBIFM infrastructure funding is no longer contingent on having a compliant water meter
  • Applicants may now start works earlier

These changes to the program will make it easier for irrigators to participate in the STBIFM program.

You can read more about these changes in the Frequently Asked Questions.

Irrigated Farm Water Use Efficiency Assessments (IFWUEAs)

Funding for the preparation of an IFWUEA is open to irrigators with eligible water entitlements in the NSW Border Rivers, Gwydir, Namoi/Peel, Macquarie/Cudgegong and/or Barwon-Darling water management areas.

An IFWUEA and IFWUEA Form can be submitted for verification at any time. However, funding for IFWUEAs is subject to availability and may cease without notice.

It is important to note that IFWUEAs submitted for verification as part of an Infrastructure Modernisation project must be received with sufficient time to allow for DPI verification and irrigator preparation of a funding application that addresses losses identified in the IFWUEA.

Further information about IFWUEAs can be accessed from the Round 9 Guidelines.