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NSW Marine Estate: Online beaches and headlands survey

The Minister for Primary Industries Katrina Hodgkinson has announced that community views are being sought on recreational fishing in marine parks on beaches and headlands. The NSW Government previously introduced an amnesty allowing line fishing from ocean beaches and headlands in sanctuary zones, and a formal assessment will now be undertaken.

An online survey is underway to capture your views on beaches and headlands in marine parks, particularly information about social and economic values.

Start the survey.

The survey should take around 5 minutes to answer and will be open until 18 August 2013

At no time will your answers be used to identify you and any information remains confidential. The consultants running the survey use answers to identify patterns in responses, they will not focus on individuals. 

Consultants engaged to collect, store or use personal information for the department are required to comply with the Information Protection Principles of the New South Wales Privacy and Personal Information Protection Act 1998. See our privacy statement.

To complement the online survey, targeted interviews are being conducted by independent researchers to gather additional information on social and economic values associated with beaches and headlands.

An assessment of ecological assets will also be led by the Marine Estate Expert Knowledge Panel to ensure that habitats, threatened species and other important components of marine life are adequately protected.

Consideration of social and economic values and ecological assets will underpin the assessment and inform on-going arrangements related to the amnesty.

The current amnesty on compliance action will continue for the duration of the assessment. Further information about the amnesty can be found in the Beaches and Headlands Factsheet.