Community engagement for draft TARA extended

31 Mar 2017

Community engagement that will inform the finalisation of the first statewide threat and risk assessment (TARA) for the NSW marine estate has been extended from 31 March to 18 April to ensure stakeholders have extra time to prepare their submissions.

Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Director, Aquatic Environment Sarah Fairfull said the draft statewide TARA aims to identify, assess and prioritise the threats to the social, economic and environmental benefits the NSW community derive from the marine estate.

“Some key findings of the draft statewide TARA include higher and greater risks to estuaries than coastal and marine waters from various threats, such as estuary modifications, and impacts on water quality such as urban stormwater discharge, clearing riparian vegetation and adjacent habitat including wetlands and agricultural runoff,” Ms Fairfull said.

“The purpose of this engagement is for stakeholders and the community to consider the evidence used to determine the risk levels assigned to threats and provide any new or additional evidence or local examples that may support or change these.”

Six workshops with key stakeholders from State and Local Government, recreational fishing, commercial fishing, conservation, diving, boating and universities were held in regional areas and Sydney during February. Participants highlighted the need for additional time to provide considered comment on the draft statewide TARA.

A series of ten Aboriginal workshops have now concluded along the NSW coast to seek out any additional evidence that can inform the Aboriginal cultural findings in the statewide TARA.

An interactive tool is available to help stakeholders and the community to navigate, interrogate and provide feedback on the draft statewide TARA. Submissions through the TARA interactive tool can now be made until 18 April 2017.

“The final statewide TARA will be used to inform the development of management initiatives to address priority threats at varying scales, including local, regional and statewide in the NSW Marine Estate Management Strategy and new management plans for marine parks, starting with Solitary Islands and Batemans Marine Park,” Ms Fairfull said.

There is a variety of reports and supporting material, including fact sheets, FAQs and three videos (see links below) explaining the draft statewide TARA or how to use the interactive tool.


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