Fees waived for commercial fishing boat licences

26 May 2017

The NSW Government today announced a one-off agreement to waive boat licence fees for commercial fishers in the upcoming financial year, Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Deputy Director General Fisheries, Dr Geoff Allan, said.

“We recognise the industry is going through an important period of adjustment and we want to relieve some of the financial pressure fishers may be feeling right now,” Dr Allan said.

“I want to be clear this is a one-off initiative which will provide a significant saving for fishers who can pay upwards of $1,000 for their commercial fishing boat licences.

“I would like to thank the Professional Fishermen’s Association (PFA) for their representation on this issue – we have listened to the industry and acted on their concerns.

“This is great news for commercial fishers, in NSW we have about 1,869 fishing boat licences which are required to be renewed by 30 June each year.”

Dr Allan said the commercial fisheries reform is moving ahead with Round 2 of the subsidised share trading market having closed on Monday 22 May.

“We continue to progress these important reforms and I am encouraged by the level of participation in the subsidised share trading market.

“More than 550 fishing businesses currently have at least one confirmed bid or an offer in Round 2.”

The final round of share trading will start on Monday 29 May.

“This will be the last opportunity for fishers to adjust their bids and offers,” Dr Allan said.

“Fishers are reminded that nominal or speculative bids or offers run the risk of not being matched.”

Fishers who would like further information are encouraged to contact the Business Adjustment Program hotline on 1300 726 488.

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