Sunraysia citrus roadshow

4 Oct 2017

Sunraysia citrus growers

Sunraysia citrus growers and industry advisers have been invited to a free event, which will highlight the latest research and management updates on Wednesday October 18 at the Mildura Lawn Tennis club.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) citrus development officer, Steven Falivene, said the event was designed as a one-stop shop for local citrus producers.

“Growers can expect to receive comprehensive information about new rootstocks and varieties, trial results, pest and disease management and plant growth regulators from specialist presenters,” Mr Falivene said.

“Taste tests of new late-maturing orange and mandarin varieties will appeal to local growers.

“The latest research to manage red scale, fruit fly and citrus gall wasp is on the agenda.

“We will explore the economics of overhead netting and windbreaks and NSW DPI will provide insights for growers on rootstock compatibility and re-working techniques.”

High density planting and pruning and strategies top maximise pack outs, is set to attract growers.

A field trip starting at 10 am on Friday October 20 will highlight how Sunmar Orchard, an Afourer mandarin and navel orange enterprise, achieves up to  75 per cent first grade pack outs, concluding with a sausage sizzle at 12 noon.

Wednesday’s event runs from 8.30 am until 5 pm and registration for both days is essential for catering and organisational purposes by contacting or calling NSW DPI, (03) 5019 8405.

Information is available online,

The citrus roadshow is free thanks to funding and sponsorship from NSW DPI, Sunraysia Citrus Growers, EE Muir and Sons, Campbell Chemicals, AgNova, Sumitomo, Syngenta, Mildura Fruit Company and Platinum Ag Services.

Citrus Australia and Horticulture Innovation Australia are acknowledged for their support and investment in the citrus industry.

Media contact: Bernadette York (02) 6938 1664, or 0427 773 785