Developing international demand for Australian Wagyu

26 Mar 2018

Participants are gathered for the photo opportunity

More Australian Wagyu may be destined for international markets following a successful industry study tour to mainland China and Taiwan as part of the Australian Wagyu Export Capability Development Program.

Designed and implemented by the NSW DPI around collaboration between Government, producers and industry organisations, the program is the first of its kind specifically for the Australian Wagyu industry.

NSW DPI Project Manager, Ryoko Uchida said overseas demand for Australian Wagyu products was continuing to increase.

“It is vital for producers to understand international markets and their requirements, as it will help them to have clearer breeding plans that specifically match product to the markets,” she said.

“The market visit is a key element of the program, helping producers develop and improve the business culture, skills and knowledge required for the trade with Shanghai and Taipei.

“It provided valuable opportunities to learn about the market and import requirements from different perspectives, and allowed the participants to expand their networks and to explore current and future trade opportunities.”

Mainland China was the fourth highest value export market for Australian beef to the value of A$832 million in 2017, while Taiwan is a steady importer of Australian Wagyu and is constantly looking for new suppliers.

Ms Uchida said Australian Wagyu is in a unique position with a globally well-known premium brand and further industry growth expected.

“Along with opportunities international markets present, our program has also allowed the industry to understand market challenges for their strategic approach to international markets,” she said.

14 producers from 11 farms across Australia participated in the study tour, including Peter Gilmour, President and Board Chairman of the Australian Wagyu Association, based at the University of New England, Armidale, NSW.

“As delegates we were able to meet customers first-hand to see and understand their requirements and determine offtake and sales arrangements,” Mr Gilmour said.

“There were several compelling presentations and opportunities that could not be accessed without being present in market.

“For many of the customers this was the first time they had met a Wagyu delegation and could appreciate some of the intricacies of Wagyu production techniques.

“This was a great NSW DPI initiative and will have a lasting impact on the attending delegates and their businesses.”

The supporting organisations include, Australian Wagyu Association, MLA Austrade and Export Council of Australia, along with NSW Department of Industry.

In addition to the market visit, the DPI’s comprehensive export program also includes post-visit webinars which will be run over the next several weeks. The webinars aim to further support the participants with the implementation of their export business.

The webinar contents will be customised specially geared at Wagyu export businesses and trade development, assisted by Export Council of Australia and the relevant Government and red meat industry.

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