Dynamic dual-purpose crops deliver grain and graze options

4 Oct 2018

Central west and Riverina producers will this month have the opportunity to see how dual-purpose, grain and grazing crops can be managed to maximise farm profitability at free workshops in Cudal and Holbrook.

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) Grains Services technical specialist, Peter Matthews, said field trials of wheat, barley, triticale and oats developed to suit specific local conditions would be on show.

“2018 has been a tough year for producers and grazing cereals have provided much needed fodder for livestock through winter and early spring,” Mr Matthews said.

“This season has highlighted the benefits of dual-purpose crops, which are bred to be grazed by livestock and then locked up for grain harvest.

“NSW DPI, in partnership with the Grains Research and Development Corporation, has developed information to better manage grazing crops so grain recovery is maximised.

“With dry conditions continuing across the central west and Riverina, feeding livestock remains a priority and many growers will be looking at every opportunity to produce feed early next season.

“Drought recovery measures and the ability to maximise returns from every hectare will be a major focus.”

Dual-purpose crops offer the advantage of early-season feed, with a grain crop at the end of 2019 season - a great outcome for growers on the road to drought recovery.

In NSW DPI research trials, dual-purpose cereals have boosted fodder budgets, producing four tonnes per hectare plus of dry matter through autumn and winter.

The workshops will deliver information on variety performance, fitting grazing crops into the farm business, grazing management of cereals and canola and livestock management for grazing crops.

Local producers, Grassland Society of NSW, Local Land Services, CSIRO and AusWest seeds will contribute valuable information during the one-day workshops.

To register for the free workshops at Cudal on Thursday October 11 and Holbrook on Wednesday October 17 contact NSW DPI, jennifer.pumpa@dpi.nsw.gov.au or 6938 1964.

Media contact: Bernadette York 02) 6938 1664 or 0427 773 785