Fresh NSW seafood is best this Easter

29 Mar 2018

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is urging NSW residents to choose local fresh seafood this Easter and not only enjoy the best fish and prawns from the state’s top producers, but support the economy as they sit down for a seasonal feast.

DPI Program Leader in Aquaculture, Ian Lyall, said local NSW species including prawns, oysters, lobster, abalone, mullet, flathead, mackerel and snapper are hugely popular at Easter, and this year will be no exception with the Sydney Fish Markets expected to trade over 500 tonnes of fresh seafood on Good Friday alone.

“Easter is synonymous with family, food and fish and there’s nothing better than choosing to dine on good quality, fresh seafood caught or grown right here at home,” Mr Lyall said.

“Buying NSW seafood is a great way to support the state’s economy. It helps maintain local employment and you have the benefit of purchasing a top quality, healthy and safe product that has not been transported great distances to reach your dinner plate.

“The 2018 season has gone particularly well for our prawn farmers at Yamba who are busy getting ready to harvest for the Easter period.”

DPI staff have been busy protecting our prawn farming and commercial prawn harvest industries and keeping NSW free of White Spot disease since the devastation of south-east Queensland prawn farms last year.

“Consumer confidence when shopping for seafood is crucial, and NSW seafood is subject to stringent food safety laws which apply from the moment the catch leaves the water, right through to the point of sale,” Mr Lyall said.

“The NSW Food Authority administers legislation compelling seafood retailers to display Country of Origin labels for each species, so it’s easy to identify how to buy locally caught or grown produce.”

NSW was the first state in Australia to introduce specific seafood safety laws in 2001.

Commercial fishers, aquaculture producers, seafood wholesalers, processors, transporters, retailers, restaurants, cafes and other outlets are all required to comply with strict seafood handling requirements.

“Be wary of people attempting to sell you seafood “off the back of a truck”.

Buying local seafood from reputable seafood suppliers means you can enjoy the best seafood from anywhere in NSW, safely.”

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