Yellow Crazy Ants confirmed in Lismore

24 May 2018

Yellow Crazy Ant

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) and North Coast Local Land Services staff will today begin a surveillance and identification operation targeting Yellow Crazy Ant in Lismore.

DPI officers this week confirmed samples of exotic ants found in street trees in central Lismore as Yellow Crazy Ant, a highly invasive exotic pest that can spread very quickly, build super colonies and damage local ecosystems.

The species has not been confirmed in the state since being eradicated from Goodwood Island in the Clarence River more than a decade ago.

DPI Biosecurity and Food Safety Director Invasive Plants and Animals Andrew Sanger said community action would be key to ensuring the limits of the outbreak can be established and give eradication efforts the best chance.

“It was a member of the local community who spotted this outbreak in Lismore and who reported it through the NSW DPI Biosecurity Hotline,” he said.

“Department of Primary Industries and Local Land Services staff, in conjunction with Lismore City Council and Rous County Council, will undertake targeted surveillance and mapping of the outbreak today but we would also urge the community to be vigilant.

“If you see these ants - yellow or brownish, about 5mm long, with very long legs and antennae and an erratic walking style - you can report them on the Biosecurity Hotline, the DPI website, or via the Local Lands Services office.”

Yellow Crazy Ant is a serious environmental pest, and although not a direct threat to humans they pose a serious economic and environmental threat and have the potential to spread to large parts of Australia.

Reports can be made via the NSW DPI Biosecurity Hotline on 1800 680 244, online at or through Local Lands Services.

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