Largest-ever native fish breeding program to create modern day Noah’s Ark

13 Oct 2019

The NSW Government is embarking on an ambitious plan to create a modern day’s Noah’s Ark as it kickstarts the State’s largest ever fish breeding program, ahead of what is expected to be a horror summer of fish kills.

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall recently inspected the NSW Government’s flagship fish hatchery at Narrandera where efforts are underway to breed millions of native fish species, including the iconic Murray Cod.

Mr Marshall said more than 100,000 Murray Cod had already been bred this season, with additional investment to allow the Government to breed over 2.5 million native fish each year.

“Last summer we saw millions of native fish species perish and all indicators are this summer is going to be even worse,” Mr Marshall said.

“Our native fish such as the iconic Murray Cod are precious and that’s why the NSW Government is getting on the front food to protect them ahead of deteriorating conditions this summer.

“In the past few weeks the Government has managed to breed more than 100,000 baby Murray Cod from just 20 of the species that were rescued from Menindee earlier this year.

“Thanks to additional investment as part of the NSW Government’s $10 million Fish Rescue Strategy we’ll now be able to breed around 2.5 million native fish species each year.

“These fish will grow in a network of hatcheries across the State and will mean we’re in a position to restock our rivers with millions of native fish when conditions improve

“With soaring temperatures and record low rainfall, we can’t stop mass fish kills, but we can ensure we preserve and protect our native species and save them from an ecological disaster.”

As part of its Fish Rescue Strategy the NSW Government is also undertaking fish rescue and relocations efforts and deploying aerators to key areas of the State’s river system.

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