Lupin disease eradicated in NSW

14 Aug 2019

NSW has been declared free from lupin anthracnose disease following a successful eradication program led by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI).

Lupin anthracnose is a fungal disease of lupin plants, which can lead to complete crop losses in susceptible varieties.

In October 2016, the serious disease was detected for the first time in commercial crops in the NSW Riverina region.

DPI Plant Biosecurity Director, Dr Satendra Kumar said early detection aided in the rapid response and subsequent eradication of the disease.

“We commenced work immediately with Local Land Services, Riverina lupin growers  and industry advisers to restrict the disease to a small number of properties,” Dr Kumar said.

“A response plan was developed and a lupin anthracnose biosecurity management zone was established, restricting the planting of lupins within the zone during the eradication response.

“We undertook a case by case assessment of the infected crops to contain and control the disease, followed by ongoing surveillance, within the zone and across NSW for two growing seasons.

“As a result, I am pleased to be able to now officially declare, that due to no recurrence of the disease, the pest has been eradicated.

“Our partnership with industry was critical to the eradication efforts and ultimately spared NSW from the ravages of this disease.”

Lupin anthracnose is a notifiable plant pest in NSW.

The most obvious symptom in lupins is bending and twisting of stems, known as the “shepherds crook”.

Lupin growers and industry advisers must immediately report suspected cases to the Exotic Plant Pest Hotline on 1800 084 881 or by emailing

For more information about lupin anthracnose disease, visit the DPI website.

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