Here’s what the farmers say about drought

18 Sep 2020

AgGuide - Preparing for drought cover

The NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) has launched a new publication Preparing for drought – what the farmers say, designed to provide a resource to support the State’s primary producers to become stronger and ready to face future droughts.

Director Education Tocal College Darren Bayley said the new publication is a wonderful resource for farmers to learn from each other and to be better prepared for dry times.

“Drought has always been a feature of the Australian landscape of farming,” Mr Bayley said.

“This valuable resource is a testament to the resilience of our farmers to learn from the past and to plan and prepare for future droughts.

“I want to thank the many people who openly contributed their ideas and experiences providing practical solutions to manage through drought.

“Producers from a variety of climatic zones and industries have provided results of their own successful planning for flexible and adaptable enterprises.”

This guide provides information on a variety of topics including natural resource management, personal and financial preparation, livestock, cropping and water security.

A range of informative resources and practical tools are provided throughout the guide.

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