A special shoutout to farmers this National Ag Day

19 Nov 2021

Today, on National Ag Day, farmers in NSW have been recognised and thanked for continuing to produce quality food and fibre in the face of drought, bushfires, mice and COVID-19, as well as the current floods.

It comes after new data released by the NSW Government revealed the state’s primary industries increased its total output to become a record-breaking $20.9 billion industry.

Deputy Premier and Minister for Regional NSW Paul Toole said there was extra reason to thank farmers facing floods and rain disruptions during a bumper harvest.

“Our primary producers have worked immensely hard to keep our supermarket shelves stocked despite every imaginable challenge thrown at them,” Mr Toole said.

“NSW is home to a diverse range of primary industries, from beef, dairy and poultry to world-class wool, and we’re right now in the midst of bringing in a huge harvest.

“Farmers are the very fabric of bush communities and the economy, so take the time today to thank them for what they do.”

Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall said the state’s farmers should be rightly recognised this National Ag Day for the quality food and fibre they produce.

“What a day to recognise our primary industries who have been buoyed by a bumper harvest and strong commodity prices,” Mr Marshall said.

“We have just released our Performance Data and Insights report, which revealed NSW agriculture smashed all previous records to now stand as a $20.9 billion industry.

“On behalf of all of NSW, cheers to our hardworking farmers this National Ag Day.”

Mr Marshall said the theme for today was ‘Choose your #AgVenture’, celebrating the career opportunities on offer in agriculture.

“This week’s floods show it’s not always an easy job, but I could never advocate more strongly for people to roll up their sleeves and join the ag workforce,” Mr Marshall said.

“If you’re looking for opportunities, visit our ‘Help Harvest NSW’ website connecting out-of-work Australians with agricultural employers.”

MEDIA: Ella Smith | Deputy Premier | 0428 745 348
Connor McGoverne | Minister Marshall | 0408 185 304