Summer of seafood plates up the State's best

19 Nov 2021

Eleven NSW seafood businesses will net a share of the $500,000 ‘Eat More Seafood’ campaign to help put more sustainable, locally-caught seafood on plates across the State.

Ahead of World Fisheries Day this Sunday, Minister for Agriculture Adam Marshall today announced the successful seafood businesses would begin their marketing campaign over summer, following a competitive application process.

“We have the best seafood in this country, which is scientifically assessed and sustainably caught, and after two very challenging years for the sector from COVID-19 to floods, our seafood sector is ready to hook in and again enjoy strong domestic demand,” Mr Marshall said.

“So whether it is at your local restaurant, or simply grabbing fish and chips with the family, there is nothing tastier than enjoying freshly caught NSW seafood.

“The 11 winners have all approached the campaign in creative ways, with one successful applicant to produce a regional seafood cookbook to showcase local sustainable seafood, while another will develop school education programs to educate our kids about the importance of locally sourced sustainable seafood.

“Each successful project will help market seafood consumption, educate the community about the importance of sustainable fishing and aquaculture, and how they can help to achieve this by their seafood purchasing choices.

“We hope these grants will help promote the fantastic seafood NSW has to offer and see more local seafood on plates across the state.”

NSW Seafood Industry Council Chair Bryan Skepper said the collaboration between industry and government is the best way to ensure the continued success of the seafood industry in NSW and to help foster community support for the industry.

“We have some great seafood businesses across NSW and these grants will allow the successful applicants to better promote and market their produce, as well as promoting the benefits from eating NSW produced seafood,” Mr Skepper said.

“We are excited to be working with the NSW Government to promote our world-class seafood industry and ultimately get more NSW seafood on plates.”

The ‘Eat More NSW Seafood’ campaign is a partnership between the NSW Government and the NSW Seafood Industry Council (NSWSIC) to promote the consumption of NSW seafood across the state and to help foster greater community awareness and support for the NSW seafood industry.

Further details of the Eat More NSW Seafood Campaign is available at

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