Pig and cattle feed check helps protect livestock industries

23 Sep 2022

A group of pink pigs

NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) is leading a campaign to support livestock industries by visiting properties in Sydney and providing vital information about feed which could endanger animal health.

NSW DPI regulatory operations manager, Mark Mackie, said staff are checking in with people who have recorded they have pigs and cattle to help protect them from emergency animal diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease and African swine fever.

“Biosecurity staff review the animals’ diets to ensure they are being fed foods that do not compromise their health or result in an emergency animal disease,” Mr Mackie said.

“Livestock should never be fed food scraps which may contain contaminants. Food scraps, known as prohibited pig feed or swill and restricted animal material (RAM) for cattle, can make livestock sick and spread disease.

“Unsafe for pigs and cattle, swill and RAM may contain meat, meat products or other food scraps which have come into contact with meat or a meat product.

“Under the NSW Biosecurity Act 2015, it is illegal to feed or allow livestock access to swill or RAM. This legislation aims to protect our livestock industries and pets.”

NSW DPI is leading the campaign in partnership with Greater Sydney Local Land Services and plans to visit up to 100 properties during August and September.

More information about protecting pigs from emergency animal diseases and what you can and can’t feed pigs and cattle (PDF, 3006.31 KB) is available from the NSW DPI website.

Media contact: DPI media 02 6391 3686