WormFax NSW

WormFax is a summary of WormTest results (in sheep) from around NSW. It is distributed to subscribers via email on a monthly basis.

WormFax data

Detailed data is provided in the data worksheets below.

WormFax is based on sheep WormTest (faecal worm egg count (WEC) monitoring) data from the NSW DPI Veterinary Laboratory at Camden/Menangle (EMAI) as well as from Armidale-based private laboratory, Veterinary Health Research (VHR). Owner details are not disclosed.

Each farm is unique!

There can be enormous variation in worm egg counts between farms and even between mobs on a farm. It's important therefore that each farm does its own, regular WormTesting (worm egg count monitoring). Don't forget to do occasional DrenchChecks (worm egg count after a drench).

Data worksheets

Further reading

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