Key services

Office of the Chief Scientist of NSW DPI

Cronulla is the headquarters of the Department's Office of the Chief Scientist. This office is charged with high-level strategic work on advising on scientific matters for the department and promoting the department's scientific-based activities.

Wild Fisheries Research

The Wild Fisheries Research Unit is located at the Cronulla Fisheries Research Centre of Excellence and is the main provider of scientific advice and research into the wild fisheries of NSW and the many fish and invertebrates on which they depend. Find out more about the Wild Fisheries Research Unit.

Fisheries Management

The Wild Harvest Branch of Fisheries Management is based at Cronulla and leads the sustainable development and management of the commercial and recreational wild harvest fisheries. It also pursues opportunities for seafood industry development in conjunction with the Fisheries Ecosystems and Aquaculture Branches which are based at Port Stephens.

The Wild Harvest Branch also includes the Management Planning Unit which is primarily responsible for developing and facilitating the implementation of and reporting on the performance of fishery management strategies for the state’s major wild harvest fisheries. This Branch contains the Licensing function for NSW’s commercial and recreational fisheries.