Global Ag-Tech Ecosystem

Global Ag-Tech Ecosystem

The GATE is a DPI initiative to fast-track adoption of agricultural R&D to increase productivity.

Hosted at the DPI Orange Agricultural Institute the facility will provide access to DPI – the largest agricultural R&D provider in Australia, including the expertise of over 600 scientific and technical staff.

The GATE offers access to the long term data sets held by DPI and facilitates on‑farm validation of new technologies across 25 research stations and 13,000 ha of trial farms.

The GATE will be accessible to any individual, company and research organisation wishing to explore the viability of an agri‑tech idea.

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GATE Vision

The GATE provides a unique opportunity for agricultural technology developers to access DPI R&D expertise or bring their own, and to collaborate with technology providers, business services and investors to create commercialised products for the NSW agricultural sector.

GATE Partners

The Global Ag‑Tech Ecosystem (GATE) is the creation of a collaborative partnership with research and technology providers, universities and ag-tech accelerator, Sparklabs Cultiv8.

Inside the GATE

Every year the GATE will host up to 20 GATE projects plus additional individuals for lean start up and mentoring.

The GATE offers five key services:

  • Lean Start up and Mentoring services to expand capabilities of innovators;
  • Incubator services and support to assist proof of concept stages;
  • Accelerator services and support for prototype scale up and production reliability;
  • Commercialisation and business support including advising on business structures and planning, Intellectual Property management, market appetite testing and commercialisation paths;
  • Investor Showcases. The GATE will enable investment via partner and affiliate networks and host Investor Showcases for GATE projects

Activities undertaken at the GATE would span the life cycle of development - including incubator and accelerator functions and beyond to link with venture capital and investment funds for commercialisation.

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Manager, Investment and Business Development Unit
T: 0439 294 771

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