Amrit Kathuria

Research interests

  • Statistical techniques for remote sensing data
  • Bootstrap and resampling techniques
  • Data mining
  • Statistical consulting
  • R programming


Amrit Kathuria is Project Officer, Biometrics with the Forest Resources Research Unit.

She has over twenty five years of experience working as a Biometrician/consultant statistician in research organisations, covering a wide spectrum of fields; agriculture, fisheries, health, financial surveys, socio-economic surveys, environmental and forestry research.

Amrit's main responsibilities include providing advice on project design, data analysis and interpretation of results for a number of different research projects in the department, analysing data and report writing for research, reviewing and providing feedback for the statistical methodology sections of technical reports and projects and preparing and delivery of software based statistical training courses and encouraging correct application of statistical methodology and software.

She is proficient in R, SAS, S-Plus, Genstat and SQL and specializes in data mining techniques such as classification and regression trees, random forest, gradient boosting machines, cluster analysis, nearest neighbour analysis.

Amrit has particular expertise in large data analysis using remotely sensed data. She has written over 100 consulting reports for projects of all sizes, and for clients from business, industry and government and has contributed to a number of peer reviewed journal articles.


  • B.Sc. (Hons) (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry) - 1985
  • M.Sc. (Major: Statistics, Minor: Computers and Genetics) - 1987
  • Ph.D. (Major: Statistics, Minor: Computers and Genetics) - 1990
  • Graduate Certificate in GIS and Remote Sensing - 2016

Current projects

  • Research data and information project
  • Statistical advice/analysis to forest health, carbon in forest and forest ecology
  • Provide biometrical consulting to forestry corporation

Recent publications

Please refer to Dr Amrit’s Researchgate page.

Contact details

Email: amrit.kathuria@dpi.nsw.gov.au